Man, I Love The Olympics

I’m not into sports. I don’t get the concept of football, soccer makes me yawn, and I comment on who’s attractive or not.

Sorry, maybe I am a girly-girl, no I refuse to label myself that.

But when the Olympics came to my television a little over two weeks ago, I was completely drawn to it. The opening ceremony was pretty long, but I enjoyed learning about so many countries I never even heard of. May me wonder why I sitting in Global class for two years.
However, something drew my attention and I’m honestly not talking about the sports. When the camera pointed to Great Britain Diver Tom Daley I knew…
I must watch the Olympics. 

I’m all for Team USA, but this is a great opportunity to get to know the rest of the world. That’s not wrong, not at all.
Aside from Tom Daley, I began to watch swimming, diving, tennis, gymnastics, and so many other olympic games. I was so heavily involved that I would go on the Huffington Post just to see how many gold medals we were getting. (Must. Beat. China.) It was so interesting just to learn more about sports and to just be apart of something that’s been going on for centuries. 
Now, I’m ready to be superficial. The boys in the Olympics, I’ve only been focusing on the USA teams with Tom Daley being an exception, are beyond attractive. Come on, I had to say it you know you was thinking about it.
Matt Anderson made me enjoy watching Volleyball and if it wasn’t for him they probably wouldn’t have one the first two sets, just saying. 

(Photo Cred: Instinct Magazine)

Sam Mikulak, please tell me what guy you know that can move like that. Exactly. 

Nathan Adrian may have the cutest smile I have ever seen and him being a swimmer makes it ten times better.

David Boudia, thank god for this sport. Just saying. Plus his dimples?! 

I had to get that out of my system or I was going to go insane. I mean what’s the point of warning you guys about me fangirling.
But aside from the guys being very attractive and representing America, showing that we are not all obese pigs, the girls are just as amazing. Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas have been my favorite and I’m so happy that they were able to receive gold. They are so young and it’s inspiring to see girls take action. Did you know that more women are competing at the Olympics than men? 
Yeah, we’re cool *brushes dirt off shoulder*
So it was great watching the Olympics, not only for the attractive atheles, but for the interesting sports. I feel like I’m more educated. So that term I said earlier has no effect on me now, thank you very much.
Oh and if you didn’t know who Tom Daley was. Sigh.
(Photo Cred: Tom Daley’s Facebook/Getty Images)

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