What I Can’t Do In College

The time is slowly diminishing. A week from today I will be heading upstate to SUNY New Paltz. New York City will become a place I come to visit and love all over again.

As I begin to pack and take off all my posters (that has to be the most difficult thing that I have to do), I begin to think of the new journey for me. I will be living on my own, making my own choices. Everything is now up to me.

Starting August 27, I will be rooming with two other girls. As I get ready to be accustom to living with two other people I start to wonder of all the things I can’t do anymore.

Although I shared a room with my brother for almost two years, there was no restriction on what I can do because I was sharing a room with my brother. Now I’m with two people I don’t know. I can’t just do whatever I want without considering the others in the room.

Now I listen to music 95 percent of my day and I enjoy singing out loud. I’m no Adele or Demi Lovato, but I enjoy being able to feel the lyrics course through my body. For the 3-4 minutes, I get to be them. I basically sing every where that I’m alone. That includes my room.

So when I’m sharing with two other people, I can’t just belt out into a song at 3 in the morning. As much as I love to, it’s inconsiderate and selfish. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to hear me screeching while they’re trying to study or sleep.

Another place I love to sing is in the shower. Now who doesn’t do that? But now I’m using a public bathroom. Singing in the shower would just be weird and uncomfortable for everyone. I really don’t think people want to hear me sing ‘I Have Nothing’ from the top of my lungs.

So no more singing…for now. Who knows, maybe my roommates have the same habit I do. But for now I’ll sing unless it’s at a concert or some sort of sing along with friends? (Who even does that?)

**You don’t know how much I’m trying to restrain myself from blogging every day. Although I would, I know that as the school year comes closer I’m going to be busy. So I thought it was would be a good idea to schedule my blog posts. (I have feeling I might break that rule.)


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