Goodbyes, Subways, And Glee

Do I really have to say goodbye? Can I just say ‘See You Later’ instead? I feel like once I say goodbye everything changes. Am I ready for change? 
Today I’m no longer, Chelsea from Harlem, Chelsea from New York City. Today I am Chelsea from SUNY New Paltz. I am going through a new journey in my life.
Am I scared? I don’t know yet. I might be when I’m sitting on my bed in my new home waving goodbye to my family.

Right now, I’m mixed emotions. I’m happy because I’m finally in college. I’m excited because I’m in a new environment, with new people, and starting over. I’m nervous because it’s so hard to start over and make friends. I’m sad because this is goodbye to so many things  and people.
So by distracting myself with the thought of where I am at this moment I thought I talk about two other topics in one post.
Let me start by saying I am not going to miss the Subways. Yes, it was a really good way to get to different places, but have you been on a Subway?
I will NOT miss the 2 train for their overcrowded train carts and their multiple problems when it comes to 96 Street and 3rd Ave/149 Street. No, not going to miss you.
I’m not going to miss the times when I felt closed in when I’m not. Or the times when people thought it was a great idea to do live karaoke on the train. Lets not forget the performances and the constant ‘I’m not here to raise money for a basketball team…’ story.
But the Subways and I have a love/hate relationship. I will be lying if I didn’t say I’m going to miss the times when I just stood by the door, listening to my music, and seeing the many different people every single day. Until again 1, 3, 6, D and  the many more trains I took.
So aside from that I thought before I leave I could take a break from Glee and not listen, talk, or look at anything involving Glee. 
I tried for a week. (God, that was hard.) I only lasted three days. 
I never notice how much time it took out of my life. It made me realize that I’ve been using Glee to fill all my happiness. Everything else have been in the back of my mind. It really opened my eyes to fixing my life, not with just Glee, but with now going forth to college and be more responsible and independent. 
So see you later…because I’m not ready to say goodbye to anyone.
** Just think right now I’m in my dorm with my two roommates. I’m a college freshmen guys. Ah (:
P.S. Before and after of my room. Insane.

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