How cool is it to say that I am currently in my dorm room right now? I think it’s pretty cool.

Anyways, I have spent 5 days in SUNY New Paltz and I love it. The people are nice, the food is good, and I feel like I’m really going to enjoy living here.

But there is one problem…FOOD.

Oh my god, so many food choices to choose from. Have I mention all freshmen are required to have an unlimited meal plan. UNLIMITED MEANING I CAN EAT AT ANYTIME AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT.

Not good, so not good.

Now I’m not going to overdose on the amount of times I eat. I still stick with the 3 meals per day, sometimes even 2. But there is one thing in the dining hall that I just can’t seem to stop taking.

The cookies. Now if you ate any of these cookies, you will die and go to heaven.

I vowed myself that once I start classes there will be no more cookies. Maybe a cookie a week? Lets see how it goes.

Aside from the UNLIMITED MEAL PLAN (I really have to emphasize it because it’s ridiculous) there is also my dorm.

I love my hall. Although there isn’t a lot of freshmen living here, it still feels like home. I also have a good view of what’s going on and of the mountains. Maybe one day I’ll just look at the sunset through my window. It’s also easy distance from everything.

My room itself it’s pretty huge for a place that holds three girls. I got the single bed which is a bonus although it’s high. I never slept in a bunk bed before, so it’s a new experience for me. I need to master the skill of getting up on my bed everyday. Challenge except.

Now I have four class on Monday and they were pretty good. First, I had Public Speaking and already I was told to go in front of the class. Yup, pretty much going to hate going to that class everyday, but hey totally worth it.

I have 10 minutes to get from that class to my Latin Studies class. Have I mention it’s far away from each other? Never let the freshman here create her own schedule.

Latin Studies was very interesting. I can’t wait to learn about Latin America culture. It’s also cool that my teacher is Puerto Rican. (:

Next, I had Media & Society. The teacher is so laid-back and I know it’s going to be a blast being in there.

Of course, on the first day I had to do a class change which wasn’t too bad. I have to take Comp I instead of Comp I because I fail at life basically. (So much for AP English) That was my last class of the day, and so I just headed back into my room and relaxed.

College life is pretty sweet.

Even though I have none of my textbooks yet and I still have to order some for Comp II now. Great.


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