They Are Not Your Friend

I almost forgot to blog today. Ah, the forgetting is slowly creeping on me. Maybe it wasn’t wise to schedule a blog post day on the day where I have four classes. Oy vey.

I made it my own personal job not to create this blog as a journal. In no way do I want to bore people with my everyday life. No seriously, my life consists of watching tv shows on my computer and fangirling about it.

Anyways, I thought I discuss the one thing I may hate most in the world.

Allergy season.

I swear my nose is ready to fall off any minute now with the amount of sneezing I do. I literally have tissue stationed at every corner of the room. The most things I brought in bulk to college are probably my tissues.

It’s that bad.

Aside from the typical symptoms, I tend to attract alot of…guests.

Mosquitos are not your friends, they will never be your friend, and they laugh at weak humans.

It’s a part of life to be stung by a mosquito and develop a little bite. However, there are others that are not so lucky. My bites are literally the size of a tumor. There are times when I think my legs (where I mostly get them) are going to explode.

I really want to apologize for being so gruesome and making this post uncomfortable for you. But I just really needed to address the hatered I have for this.

I’m quite aware that these things happen to me. So I keep caution on where I stand and what I wear during the summer weather.

Obviously I like to be stupid sometimes.

A couple of days ago, I decided to go see The Avengers movie with a couple of friends outside in the quad. I was outside, sitting in the grass with shorts on at night. — I can already see you shaking your head.

Did I ask for it? Probably. I was covered with over 10 mosquito bites the next day.

So lesson learned kids, if you’re going to see a movie at night where mosquitos are mostly out and about, wear long clothing. Or just don’t go at all.

And if you’re stubborn like me, then have spray or a blanket maybe. The tips I have for getting rid of mosquito bites is cream, ice, and pills. :p

On a brighter note, I forgot to post links to three blogs that I got to do as an intern for FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). So check it out (:

New Digital Aesthetic = Pure Genius
Spring/Summer ’13 Colorful Blazers
Nail Art: The Rediscovered Trend


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