World Suicide Prevention Day

I did not forget to post on Thursday, so don’t worry. I was going to do my post on Fashion Night Out the next day but nothing really exciting happened. So I thought since I waited so long to post, I’ll give you one today! You even get three this week because I’m still sticking to the Tuesday/Thursday routine.

I thought for my first one, I do it on something serious. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Today instead of complaining about the clothes you don’t have or the car you can’t drive think about all the people that have it worst than you. You may have a whole family and a bunch of friends, but think of all the people that have no one.

Instead of complaining, start appreciating. Appreciate all the love and support you have because some people don’t have none.

Don’t be selfish, don’t be mean. Bullying has evolve during the years where it’s no longer face to face, but online. NO ONE, NO ONE deserves to be treated like crap. No one should ever have to be bullied for any reason. But don’t just assume that’s the only reason for suicide.

Some people come from abused homes. Some people have self-esteem issues. Never assume anything.

Did you know that a suicide happens every 40 seconds? For a every 20 suicide attempts, one is successful.

Stop complaining and start caring. Start preventing.

Everyone needs a friend. Everyone needs a hero.

If I have a chance to change someone’s life I will. I don’t think anyone deserves to risk their life. There are other ways to deal with your pain. I am willing to talk to anyone about anything. No one deserves to feel like they don’t have anyone to go to because I’m here.

I can be your friend.

On this day, The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health come together to host events to help prevent suicides.

So just for one second stop complaining about your small problems. For one second stop talking about the girl in your class. For one second make a difference by wearing yellow to show your place in the cause. Also check the websites below for to get more involved.

Everyone deserves to live a happy life.

What You Can Do To Support WSPD:


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