Happy One Year Darren Criss!

September 10th marked a year since I met Darren Criss. I was going to do two posts on Monday, but I decided that I focus on a   serious topic before I jump into something so hyper and exciting. ( And I also lied about three posts this week, sorry.)

Now I’m aware that not alot of people have the same interests like me. I’m also aware that some people are not as educated when it comes to the people that I like. Hey, that’s why I’m here.
Darren Criss plays Blaine Anderson on the hit FOX show Glee. He also starred in the broadway production of How To Succeed Without Really Trying as J. Pierrepont Finch and later this year in the movie Imogene starring Kristen Wiig.
Have I mentioned that he played Harry Potter in a youtube parody called A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel.
Now, that you’re up to speed, let me you tell how amazing this guy is. He is the most down to earth, sweetest guy ever. To let us get a take a picture with him and talk to him for a couple of minutes was incredible. He could of just brushed us off or just made us all come in for a picture, but he didn’t.
It doesn’t hurt that he’s freaking attractive either.

I always think back to the day and smile because it’s one of those unexpected turn outs.  You start the day thinking that you’re going to meet him, it fails so you head home, and then BAM it happens. He’s there, you’re practically crapping your pants, and then you go home smiling like a fangirl dork.
Those moments are always so priceless.
It’s funny because some people don’t get it. Some people don’t understand why I wait for someone all day just so the next day they can forget I even existed.
And it’s okay because you don’t have to understand.
I enjoy meeting the people that make me smile everyday. I enjoy telling them that they have changed my life and that I love the work that they do. It’s even heartwarming for them to look at me for a moment and realize how much of an impact they make in this world.
Darren Criss doesn’t only bless me with his presence on my tv every week, he inspires me. He is one of the few actors that went to college (University of Michigan) and recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He can play over five instruments, played for President of the United States of America, starred in a movie, appeared on varies of tv shows (including being a regular one of the most popular shows on television and being a part of one of the most influential gay couples on television), and broadway grossing over 4 million dollars all before the age of 25. He continues to stay true himself and takes the time to be caring to his fans.
So yes, I will continue to be the girl that enjoys waiting for people like him. 
I thought I put the link where I describe in details last year on what happened when I met Darren Criss. (Spelling errors and large caps will be involved.)

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