Stop Bullying, Be A Skyscraper Instead

This video literally had me in tears. This is Jillian Jensen, a 19 year old girl who auditioned for the X-Factor that aired on September 12.
In middle school and high school, she was bullied. When she began to sing I can feel the pain coming out of her. The judges were practically glued to her and Demi Lovato, even Simon Cowell, were in tears.
Bullying is disgusting. I don’t understand why people feel the need to bully someone. I don’t understand why people take joy in making others miserable. People are so quick to judge and tear someone down, it’s pure disgusting. Instead of focusing on themselves, they are constantly worrying about someone else.

I personally haven’t been hardcore bullied before. If anything, I’ve been bullied on appearance. Jokes here and there about my acne or height, but not severe like taunts or anything like that.
But then again bullying is bullying and it still hurts. It hurts to feel like you’re worthless and have people laugh at you and make front of you.
I’m not saying I’m perfect. I once bullied someone and I have learned from that one experience that it’s not okay. It’s never okay to make people feel like crap about themselves. No one should ever feel insecure and lose all hope on themselves because people are stupid and full of themselves.
It breaks my heart that people can’t be accepted whether it’s for their talent, their look, or their background.
If you’re bullied or knows someone that is bullied know that you’re perfect just the way you are. You’re beautiful and talented and who ever tells you otherwise is a piece of crap. There is someone out there that loves you just the way you are.
It took me a while to accept myself for who I am. I had a tough time trying to picture myself beautiful. I was my own bully. I use to constantly pick at myself. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m 100% better because I still have days where I just want to crawl in a hole and pick at the things I hate about myself.
Demi Lovato has made a huge impact in my life because her music  has helped me believe in myself. She helped me believe that I am okay just the way I am and that I shouldn’t let the pressure of being perfect get to me. She’s been through so much and she has shown girls just like me that whatever obstacles we face, we will get through it. So when I saw her crying, comforting Jillian, I understood.
I remember the first time I got out of bed, went to the mirror and told myself ‘You’re beautiful’. It felt great. I wake up happy now because I am able to live every day with people that care and support me. I’m able to enjoy fangirling about my favorite things and learning and just being able to try everyday to be me.
No one should be bullied.
No one should feel worthless.
Everyone is beautiful.
Stay Strong.
“Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper.”

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