It’s October, I Want Answers!

Happy October!

Yes I am fully aware that I missed a whole week. I had major writer’s block because lets face it, my weeks get boring. I think that was a major reason why I never kept up with my journals/diaries before.

But I am back and I promise not to miss another week. I’ll just write dreadful posts instead when I don’t have nothing “significant” to write about.

Life Questions. I like asking questions. Lots of them. (Just ask my mom.) But what’s so ironic about this is that in class you will NEVER (no, seriously) ever see me raise my hand. I know it’s bad, but I just can’t participate. Anyways, I always wonder about some things.

Does Love Exist? I know cliche of me to write it, but seriously. I don’t know what true love is because I never seen it or felt it before. Now a days, there’s more tension than actual love. Whether it’s relationship wise or family wise, people have no compassion for each other anymore. I read love stories sometimes and I feel nauseous. Is it because it’s so predictable? Is it because it becomes out of reach and foreign? I also feel like it’s giving me false hope. I love the show Awkward, but is she really awkward? She literally had two hot guys fall for her. Hi, where are my two jocks? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Why Do People Hate So Much? I don’t get that people take the time to hate other people. It’s not even them judging one person, but judging a whole group of people for one thing. Hating someone based on race, looks, sexual orientation, etc is disgusting and stupid. I was fortunate enough to have two parents that taught me to love everyone and don’t be prejudice towards others.

This ties to this question: Why Are People So Concern With Banning Love? I don’t understand why people make it their business to be involved in who someone marries. I support Gay Marriage because I believe that everyone deserves to marry who ever they please. Love is Love. It shouldn’t matter the gender. Though people have a different perspective on the topic. I don’t understand how it effects you in any way. Are you marrying them? Are you living in their household? You were able to marry your spouse, so how would it feel if someone stopped you for being with the person you love?

What makes people so selfish and inconsiderate? Like do you just wake up and think ‘Hm, I’m going to be rude today’. It’s so simple to be nice and considerate to people. It doesn’t even take that much energy really. It’s even worse when you have been nothing but kind to someone and they completely walk all over you. It’s like you’re worthless basically and a cycle begins. It’s only right to be selfish back huh?  I guess people just have a brain the size of a peanut.

Now if you actually have answers to my questions that’s amazing. I have a bunch of other questions, but I don’t want to bore you with my extensive ranting. There is always Thursdays after all. (And sometimes Saturdays!)


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