My Broadway Secret

So I lied. I am a big fat liar because I promise you that I wouldn’t miss a week and I did.

I’m stressed already yet no one could really tell. Today, I was so tired and gave up on life. (Not literally) I think the difficulty of college is catching up to me and it sucks that I feel like I’m not trying my best.
But this post is not about that. It’s about something more fun and happy. 
Sunday, I came back home to see my friends and family in the city. I made it my mission to see Newsies. I’ve seen the movie two summers ago and ever since I heard of it’s existence on broadway I knew I had to see it. 

Before I go any further, I will explain three ways you can see broadway shows at a cheap price.

1) TKTS Discount Booths provides you with on/off broadway musicals and plays at a discount price. There are three locations: Time Square Booth which is located near the well-known red steps and sells day-of-performance tickets only; The South Street Seaport Booth sells tickets to evening performances on the day of and matinee tickets the day before; The Downtown Brooklyn Booth does the same as the South Street Seaport one, but includes Brooklyn performing arts events.
For more information:
2) Lottery is in when you put your name in for one or two tickets for a broadway show. If you’re name is called out, you pay no more than $30 dollars each. These lotteries usually run at 10am or 12pm depending on the day.
3) Rush is similar to lottery, but there is more of a chance. You wait on line instead of your name being drawn up. You generally have to come in earlier if a show is popular to get a chance to get a ticket. 
That’s my secret to going to so many broadway shows. I probably went to 8 this year alone. However, it’s not so simple. These discount things are used because there are tickets that were leftover. They may be a limited amount of tickets for the very popular shows, so don’t get your hopes up high the first time around. I remember when I wanted rush for Darren Criss when he did How To Succeed Without Trying. I didn’t get any tickets because all the tickets have been taken.
Newsies opened in March 29, 2012 and was suppose to end in August, but it was so popular that it extended.


Newsies is based on a New York City newsboy strike. It’s a musical that follows the story of teenagers who become heroes in fighting for better rights for newspaper workers. The main character newsie Jack Kelly (Corey Cott) becomes the leader of the movement with the help from Davey (Ben Fankhauser) and Les (Nicholas Lampiasi) to fight against Joseph Pulitzer (Ron Raines) and William Randolph Hearst.
I already knew about the story because I’ve seen the movie way back. However, this musical brought a new twist to an old movie. I couldn’t stop smiling because the songs and dancing was amazing. They were able to incorporate props that made the dancing something I’ve never seen before. 
I think I enjoyed it so much because I loved the movie. I have to be honest that the movie was pretty cheesy. You have Christian Bale singing and it was shot in 1992, how could it not? But the songs and the concept of these boys fighting for better rights makes the movie as well as the broadway worth watching.
Songs like “The World Will Know”, “Santa Fe”, and “King of New York” have been stuck in my head since Sunday. They are so catching and goosebumps worthy. 
Okay, okay and it doesn’t hurt that the cast is mostly made of guys and might I say the person that casted each and every one of them did a VERY GOOD JOB.
If you’re not convinced by me to see Newsies here are a bunch of youtube videos of the cast of Newsies performing.

Oh did I mention that I was third row and only had to pay $30 dollars for my ticket. Lottery is a 50/50 chance so I was surprised when my name was called second! So take a chance and use the discount opportunities. You just might get to see the broadway show you always wanted to see at a lower price. Although there were little things I couldn’t see, a seat is a seat. Enjoy it anyways!


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