Fun Can Be A Band Too

I don’t know what I love most, that fun. is the band’s name or that their music is constantly on repeat on my iPod. 

Fun (also can be written as fun.) is made up of Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff.  They are known for their hit single “We Are Young” – yeah, that song we desperately want to get out of our heads forever, but can’t.

I found out about Fun. from Glee. They did “We Are Young” and I was hooked. I suddenly began seeing their video on tv and soon after listening to it on the radio. The song even became one of my high school graduation song!

After that I didn’t really pay much attention to them. But one day I was on youtube (One of my favorite websites now! — Look forward to a post on my favorite youtubers) just looking up random song covers when I came upon a cover of “Some Nights” by fun. It was possibly the best song cover I have ever seen. 

At this point if I like two songs from someone I have to check out the other songs right? I began to download (Sorry iTunes!) their latest album Some Nights and that was possibly the greatest choice ever. 
Some Nights is such an amazing album. My favorite songs on that album is “All Alone”, “Some Nights”, and “Stars”. It has a pop/indie rock feel to all the songs. The lyrics are just as good. Exhibit A: 
“I fell in love with a wind-up souvenir 
I bought it downtown as I was on my way to meet you 
She sounds the like the songs you used to sing to put me to sleep 
Now that you’re gone, she’s all that I’ve left to hold” – All Alone
I decided to download their first album as well (Aim and Ignite) and it helped me construct a conclusion that fun. just became one of my favorite bands. 
A disadvantage of this is that I just found out that they are playing in Irving Plaza and it’s sold out. Also that I missed the presale for their Radio City show and I’m pretty sure I don’t have money to spend on concert tickets right now. Sigh.
But other than that unfortunate realization, I found an amazing band that I think you should check out!

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