Life Through My Camera Lens

I’m always so…talkative when it comes to my blog posts. Lately I’ve been showing you guys alot of videos (I finally found out the problem) and I feel like I lack pictures.


So in November, it will mark a year since I got my Nikon camera. I thought I present you lovely people of the internet with my favorite pictures that I captured over the year. 

11. 25. 11 – A picture I took in Atlantic City. If you look closely at the three people in the background, I actually know them :p
12. 11. 11 – New York City will always be beautiful to me.
12. 17. 11 – I smile every time I see pictures of this concert. Darren Criss at Joe’s Pub will forever be one of my favorites.
12. 31. 11 – My brother probably makes up 3/4 of my camera space.
2. 14. 12 – I’m a sucker for landscape photos.
5. 11. 12 – The fact that I have a photo to show all my accomplishments on display. I still can’t believe I won Golden Needle.


6. 15. 11 – Here’s one of the many in the 3/4 pile I was talking about.
7.18. 12 – How perfect is he? Sigh

10. 12. 12 – Lincoln Center is beautiful at night especially with friends.

Those are just a few that I love. I have so many pictures it’s insane. And I hope to continue to take pictures and just maybe share them with you :3



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