The Fashion Blogger That Wants To Dance & Hates Romance

I’m going to do a ramble post because I have so many blogging ideas, but some of them are probably worth a couple of words.

So lets start by stating how much I’m starting to dislike watching romance movies. It’s got to the point when after I watch a movie, I get very upset or angry. I get angry at the fact that these movies give high expectations on love.

You’re expected to be that quirky girl and still managed to become best friends with a (hot, intellectual, witty) guy that just wanted a hook up. Then in the end, he stops his bad boy ways to be with you. You’re expected to have your best friend feel the same way you do and have you’re first time be spectacular. — One Day, LOL

Maybe I’m being a little bitter because I don’t have a guy best friend or a boyfriend. After watching these movies it gets me thinking and I hate thinking at two in the morning. Honestly I should be sleeping and dreaming happy thoughts. Not thinking of ways why my life is not a movie.

I know it’s silly, but I always wanted my life to play out like a movie. I always thought how romantic it would be to go into Starbucks and have a random employer write his number on my cup. Or accidentally get a text from a stranger and develop a friendship.

Aside from my “love” for romantic movies. I also have the urge to dance again. I just saw a performance on Sunday and it made me think of the times when dancing was my life. Before fashion, it was always dancing. I remember dancing when I was small and middle school was probably the last time I did something involving dancing…if you don’t count me dancing around my room like an idiot.

So I think I’m going to join a dance club and/or step club next semester. It’s been too long. I need to rediscover one of my favorite hobbies again.

I noticed that my goal with this blog was that I was going to be a fashion blog. In no point have I did anything fashionable. Aside from doing magazine scans, I never posted an outfit or gave any fashion news.

I want to make excuses, but it would be a really long list. I finally realize that if I buy a tripod and regain my camera from home I would definitely take more pictures of my outfits.

I’m done rambling.

Now go enjoy the rest of the day…unless Hurricane Sandy took your computer away.


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