I Hate People

I missed a Thursday. Sue me.

Please don’t. I’m a college student. I don’t have much money under my name. Did I mention I have to pay a phone bill now?

Anyways, I’m here to talk to you about people. When you’re around people, most of the time, you tend to separate them in categories. But then again, I’m usually in my room blogging, tumbling, or anything related to my computer. So what do I really know?

 People are always, always complaining about life. They are either complaining that their ugly or fat or poor. I could understand complaining with yourself about these things. It’s not healthy, but normal. But to constantly nag to other people with your problems to receive some sort of sympathy. Do you really need that much attention on your flaws that you ‘say’ you have? What makes this so much more annoying is that people complain about things that don’t even existence. YOU’RE NOT FAT OR POOR OR UGLY. If you’re trying to get any sympathy from me for a flaw you don’t have then sorry, wrong person.

People are always so negative about every little thing. You can have one amazing moment happen in your life and someone can easily crush it in a matter of seconds. I finally deleted someone from Facebook that constantly was negative and cruel to people and even me. I do one thing that is suppose to be fun and amazing, and that one person will have some negative remark to say. I’m sorry who even asked you? Why is negativity written all over you. It’s sort of like bullying in a way. You rather someone be upset, then praise them for something that seems fun and great to them. If you don’t have anything positive to say then don’t say anything.

People that just give up. One wrong turn or mistake and they give up just like that. They go through life being okay with failing. They don’t even try to change the fact that their life is spiraling. There is no one to help them guide them. Instead they see alternative ways. It’s always about the fun, but never about the business. Reality seems more like a dream. It’s like they don’t even want to try.

People that just don’t really use their brains? I’m trying to find a way not to say stupid or dumb because I’m pretty sure everyone has a little common sense. But people that are just close-minded. Not just about social issues, but just about life in general. They are always judging someone, but they don’t even know that person. They assume someone is a certain way for one physical action. Do you know what they like? Who they love? Where they’re from? It’s not even judging most of time. It’s just people that don’t have anything intellectual to say. You don’t have to know long words or books or anything, but just restrict yourself sometimes. Just spilling what’s on your mind it’s not always good. What if someone is Hispanic or likes a band or practices a certain religion? How would you feel then?

I don’t know maybe sometimes I overanalyze people. I think that’s my journalist instinct. I feel that people have a way of annoying me and wanting me to rip my hair out. There are so many cruel and insensitive people out there and sometimes I feel like no one seems to notice.

Sigh, I love ranting. It makes me feel a whole lot better. No sarcasm, I’m serious.



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