Election 2012 – Hope & Change

So unfortunately I didn’t vote this year. Yes, I am 18 years old, but of course my laziness interfered with me not calling them because they spelled my name wrong. On top of that I never requested an absentee ballot. So that left me on Election Day looking on my newsfeed at all my friends excited to be voting for the next President of the United States for the first time.

Aside for my fail at life. I was encouraging others to vote since I couldn’t vote myself. I also was promoting Obama a lot because I’m a big Obama supporter. Come on, he’s awesome. Have you checked Tumblr?

I spent all night looking at the election coverage and I got so excited. I felt Iike I was watching an awards show and anticipating for my favorite candidate to win. It also felt like New Years Eve. We were waiting for the last possible moment to elect our new president.

When I began to watch ABC live coverage, I was a little anxious. Mitt Romney was ahead of Obama by a few votes. But I had hope for Obama. He had plenty of times to catch up. By the end of the night he was one hundred votes ahead of Romney. ( O: 303, R: 203)

Suddenly I checked back to Facebook and Twitter because honestly it’s entertaining what people say. For that one day we all feel like we’re all politicians then the next day we’re back to our normal routine. But all I see is “Obama won!” and I’m confused yet freaking out because Obama freaking won for another term.

I began to watch the coverage again after calling my mom to reassure that this new information was true. It just looked like a party as I saw the streets of Time Square look just like New Years. People were happy and I was happy. There was literally people yelling outside my window with excitement.

Not only did we pick the right president (in my opinion), change was being made. We have our first openly gay senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin. We have a female veteran who lost both of her legs in combat in office by the name of Tammy Duckworth. Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington has made marriage equality a reality.

Change is upon us. Women are getting more involved, racial issues are become irrelevant, and equality is coming towards heads on.

I couldn’t have been more proud for our country then I was Tuesday. I was this close to tears, seriously.



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