My Fall Favorites

I’m a bad blogger planner. 

Aside from the obvious, I have been watching a lot of youtube videos lately. I finally began subscribing to my favorites. (I’m going to make a post about them I promise!) One in particular gave me a good idea.
Why don’t I ever mention my favorite things of the month or week or whatever. I know this makes me a little egotistical because let’s be serious,
Who’s actually going to take my favorite things to consideration?
But as you see I like to blog. I’m going to do it anyways because again this is MY blog after all and you’re reading it for some odd reason. (It’s my fangirl glitter rubbing off on you.)

Music: I have been obsessed with three albums for the past months. 


– THEY ARE AMAZING I’M NOT KIDDING. If you liked “We Are Young” then you’re definitely going to like their whole album Some Nights. I’m not going to get to too many details because I made a post all about them. If you haven’t read it:

Ed Sheeran – Now I’ve seen his name and face everywhere. Even my best friend is obsessed with him. So I thought I give him a chance. His voice is so angelic and it’s insane because when you see him in person he looks so scary. (Seriously) But his album + has many amazing songs such as “Give Me Love”, “U.N.I”, and “Grade 8”.
Taylor Swift – Her album like many of her other albums are so perfect. Her love songs are literally what keeps me going. It’s amazing. Her album Red has songs I’ve had on repeat since I got it a couple of weeks ago. Songs like “Red”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, and “22” are just the songs of the year for me. 
TV Shows: I watch a lot of television shows by the way so I’m just going to select three of my favorites. This is hard.


Glee – You probably knew I was going to put this first right? It’s been good this season. Of course I love me some Darren Criss, even if Blaine is depressed and Klaine (Kurt & Blaine for you non-Gleeks) aren’t in good terms right now. But the songs are pretty good and they covered Grease! Some of the new characters I can deal with. I mostly like the new guys, can never have enough attractive guys 😉
The Walking Dead – I just finished watching Season 1 and 2 and I’m hooked. I haven’t seen Season 3 yet, so I can’t join civilization just yet. But the amount of times I yell at my computer makes this show a keeper.
The New Normal – Andrew Rannells (The Book of Mormon) and Justin Bartha (Hangover) possibly became my two new favorite people. The episodes just keep getting funnier or more adorable. I love how this show takes risk. It makes sense that I love this show, Ryan Murphy is behind it. 
Food/Drinks: I’m just going to label three things I’ve been eating recently.


Special K Pastry Crisp
– These are addicting. They are like poptarts, but snack sized. I advise you to not eat them or you will never stop buying them.
Pasta – Mind you my dinning hall has a selection of every type of food and I manage to eat pasta maybe four times a week. It can be any type of pasta and I will be on that pasta line getting me a plate. 
Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte – This. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever. Created. I didn’t think it was possible for so many things to come out of a pumpkin that was delicious. Drinks, muffins, pies, and donuts! 
What’s Going On In My Life:
-I started going to the gym. Now I’m really going to keep at it because I tend to start and then become lazy. I’ve been feeling pain in my legs and arms, so it must be working. All I need to do is stop going to the desert bar…..
-I have two weeks to make 10+ pieces for a fashion show. NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING *twitches*
-I will be going home in three days. I haven’t been home in over a month, I’m so excited to be back for a week! 
-I’m also picking classes on Monday. Wish me luck!


Yes, I know it’s Friday. Just go with it.

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