Thank You High School of Fashion Industries

I’m still working on my explanation post of my two week absence, but here’s a speech I worked on for my Public Speaking class that I really enjoyed in creating. It was suppose to be a commemorative speech and I paid tribute to my high school.

When I was ten years old, my dream was to become a fashion designer. When my best friend’s sister mentioned a school that provided the skills to help you become a fashion designer I had a decision to make. I had to choose between being with my best friends for the next four years or go to a school that will help me do what I love. I decided to apply to the High School of Fashion Industries and got accepted. I didn’t realize how much it would change my life.

For those who don’t know the High School of Fashion Industries is the only public high school in the nation to teach fashion design, marketing and graphic design. Located in the Chelsea area, it provides grades 9 through 12 with a curriculum that not only serves a major that they’ve chosen, but academics such as Science, Math, History, and English. From the time I enrolled to the time I graduated I have learned so much about fashion design that it takes many until college to learn.

As a freshman, they teach you how to sketch and get to know the sewing machine. Sophomore year, I was learning how to sew and made my first ever outfit. A baby dress one semester and a romper the other. Junior year, I was learning both to drape and do pattern making. By senior year, I was creating my own outfit, with my own model, and presenting it on a fashion show for all to see.

I remember the times I cried and vowed to myself to give up, but I had teachers who believe in me and helped me in continuing with this major. I remember sophomore year when my fashion design teacher stood after school as long as I needed to in order for me to understand and complete the work.

Senior year there comes a time before the fashion show where students submit their outfit to a panel of judges, mostly non-fashion teachers and alumni, to pick the best outfit for every theme. I remember that I wasn’t nearly finished or confident enough to submit it. But my teacher believed me and insisted that I submit it. Who would of thought that I was going to win Golden Needle for Casual Sportswear.

It didn’t take me until I graduated and went to college to realize how much the High School of Fashion Industries meant to me. They helped me develop skills that I would hold on to forever. The dream that I had at the age of ten may have changed, but I would never forget the feeling I had when I looked upon that stage and saw what I am capable of doing.

Graduating from the High School of Fashion Industries may not lead you to become a fashion designer or merchandiser. But I not only graduated with a diploma, but I am CTE certified. You would leave there with a smile on your face because you have accomplished so much in only four years of high school.

I realize being in my high school that I want to be involve in fashion for writing, but not fashion design. I was able to have a greater appreciation on what it takes to become a fashion designer. Have you ever looked at the clothes you wear or the windows in an department stores? Have you ever wonder how much work it takes for things like that to be created and displayed?

So thank you the High School of Fashion of Industries for not only providing me with a good education, but for helping me develop a skill I never thought I had.


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