Looking Back & Moving Forward

~ Currently listening to the Frozen Soundtrack

My music choices opens up memories I was thinking about when I was laying in my bed at around 3 in the morning (It’s going to suck in a week). In four months, I will be twenty years old and I realize that so many things that has happened was 5, maybe 10 years ago. It bottles me that so many things have changed within myself, the people around me as well as my location.

~ Aggressively sings Let It Go* (Play this while you read, it’ll be hard to when you’re rocking out to it)

To think that 5 years ago, I was a freshman in high school thinking of becoming a fashion designer. I was going to hold on to my middle school friends tight and jam to the Jonas Brothers for the rest of my life. I had the mentality that I can never be beautiful or willing to make friends. To be honest, I wasn’t at my best 5 years ago.

But now 5 years later, a lot of things have changed. I’m a second semester sophomore with a dream of being a Fashion Journalist. I have new friends, some old, some from the Internet (you know who you are). The Jonas Brothers broke up, but are still in my heart, just not as much as they use to be. As the years went by I became more confident, even changed my hair color for some sort of change.

10 years ago I was in middle school with a big dream to still be a fashion designer. But I was a girl who traveled to places that takes people years to plan and save money for. I went to the Galapagos Islands, Washington, Virgina in the span of three years. My fashion sense was color coordinated (with belts!), my loves were Zac Efron and Omarion, and my big wish was to move from the Bronx.

But now 10 years later, sorry still don’t have a dream to be a fashion designer, but designing is apart of my life. I don’t regret for a second the skills I have and appreciate everything I have learned in becoming one, even if that isn’t my dream anymore. I haven’t traveled great lengths, the last time I did was California, but I’d like to count moving away from home to college. I try to color coordinated with my clothing, but I’m much more spontaneous. (Sorry no more colored belts.) As for my loves, that’s for another post 😉

And huh, full circle back to the Bronx, but I learned to appreciate it 🙂

A lot has changed from interests to my dreams. I have learned a lot and I can’t believe I can say in a few months that I lived twenty years! Twenty years where so much have been accomplished in my life and so many things have changed in the world around me.

I just like that some things haven’t changed, such as my love for Disney music.

Until then ~


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