Second Semester

Last Monday, I came back to my home, where Darren Criss was plastered on my wall waiting for me, the lights above my bed ready to be lit, and my window showing off the view of the parking lot. These are the little things I’ve missed at New Paltz.

Last week I started my second semester of sophomore year. I started Tuesday with an 8 am class solely on the purpose of finishing all my general education requirements. (It was honestly the only interesting choice.) After already taking two classes of Period Styles, I can see that by the end of the semester, I will know more about architecture history than anyone I know.

The next class I took is my first three hour class since starting college which ends just close to 7pm. I’m not a night class type of person, I prefer to take my classes in the morning, so I can spend the rest of the day being lazy and watching tv in the common room. Media Ethics is one of many requirements in the journalism program. By the end of the semester I will be able to answer these questions: Can I become ethical? Can I teach others to become ethical?

{One of the reasons why I love being a Journalism major is because it challenges me. It makes me open up my mind and learn to become more opinionated, more intellectual with my thoughts.}

Just like Media Ethics, I have Mass Media Law once a week for three hours. This class is about stressing my rights as a Journalist. The first amendment is going to be drilled in my brain for the rest of my life and I’m interested in learning what I can fight against  if the time comes.

A very important class I’m taking is Journalism II and guys my teacher is actually good looking. (Thank god our work assignments are on WordPress. Sorry Professor! :p) I’m excited to learn about reporting and interviewing, something I have trouble doing because of the slight shy factor I have.

My final class is Feature Writing, a class I think I will get a lot out of. I see myself writing more feature writing stories than hard news. The first day she already had us walking outside (in the freezing cold!!) to describe an area on campus. Our first assignment is based on a travel, an area of writing I’ve always wanted to try. I believe feature writing can help me build more descriptive language and interests more readers.

I can see this semester challenging me and I’m very excited to become a better journalist, maybe even a better blogger 🙂

*Please vote for me to meet Demi Lovato, I will love you dearly.


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