Barner’s Books!

For my feature writing class I had to explore a place in New Paltz. Since I love to read I decided to do it on one of the bookstores in town. If you ever have a chance to go to New Paltz I highly recommend that you check out Barner’s Books.
I had to take a few photos of the place and these are three of my favorites. I don’t want to give too much away since I’m writing an article about it, but I’ll let you know soon ❤
*Sorry for the late time today. School likes to get in the way, plus vampires so.

Author: chelseacandelario

Chelsea Candelario is a recent graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a bachelor's degree in journalism. In the fall, she will be attending City College for a master's in public relations. Currently, she's a freelance writer looking for an opportunity to write and incorporate social media along with her writing. She strives to make a difference in her community through her passion for providing news and culture.

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