Goodbye February!

I always forget that February is the shortest month of the year. I can’t believe how quick this semester is going. I have about two and a half more months of school left (which is a good thing I may add) and on Sunday, it’ll be one more month until my birthday. Is there some way we can put a pause on that?

Seeing how it’s been a short month, I have a few favorites to share.

Just over winter break, everywhere I turn someone had a beanie representing some sort of team. Now if you know me well, I can care less about sports. Of course I watch the main events such as the Super Bowl or Olympics, but any other time I have no interest in it. However, when I took a hold of my brother’s Brooklyn Nets Beanie, I fell in love.

Not with the team per say, but just the way the beanie felt on my head. Of course these hats are geared towards boys and men (go figure), but that didn’t stop me for going into Footaction and purchasing the beanie. Recently, I’ve been dealing with some serious hair problems and this hat is a good way to hide all of my wild hair in. There are so many colors and sport teams to choose from. When I purchased it, it was $25, but it all depends on what sneaker store you go to.

I am definitely a picky eater, so when I think of cereal and fruit together, I make a disgust face. However, I began eating Special K’s Fruit & Yogurt and fell in love. The fruit is not too large, the yogurt chunks bring an excellent touch to the taste, and it’s healthy! I’ve always enjoyed Special K’s cereal, so changing it up from original to these two new choices were great.
I also recently tried Special K’s Chocolatey Delight and I never been more exciting about having chocolate in my cereal again. Now just to let you know, these boxes are a bit small. But about two bowls of cereal can fill you up. It’s also great to get them in bulks (imagine having 12 boxes in your shopping cart!) that way you can never run out and it sometimes it’s cheaper that way.
I watch a lot of television. Seriously, like I have a schedule to keep to date on all my shows. But the ones I get excited about the most are the shows that make me wait a really long time to come back. Shameless, a show starting Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera, Beautiful Creatures) and William H. Macy (ER, Fargo), is about a dysfunctional family living in Chicago. It follows the family as it deals with issues involving their alcoholic, drug-addict father along with issues they deal individually ranging from drugs, sex, and identity. Shameless is based off the UK version (which I haven’t seen so can’t make any judgement on), but I can tell you that the US version is amazing. I never been more on my toes, intrigued, and angry at a television show before as much as this one. It comes on Sundays at 9pm on Showtime.
Another show I recommend you watch is Looking staring Jonathan Groff (Glee, Frozen). Looking is Queer As Folks meets Sex In The City. It’s following three gay friends’ lives in San Fransico, California dealing with things like work, love, and identity. I love this show because I’m a big fan of Jonathan Groff. It’s nice to see him in another light aside from singing and theater. His character on the show is so adorable and so dorky, that you look past the fact that he’s gay. It comes on Sundays at 10:30pm on HBO. Now for someone who is away from college, I don’t have the premium channels, so Showtime Anytime and HBO Go has been a great way for me to keep up on these shows. So if you’re away from college like me, those are great websites and apps to look into. Unfortunately if you don’t have Showtime or HBO you can’t watch them. (But oh there are ways…;))
A few days ago for my Feature Writing class we had to read this article called “Invisible Child” as an example of a profile story we will have to later on in the semester. At first, I groaned at the thought of reading this long article which is broken into five parts.
However, when I began to read, it was the most interesting profile article I have ever read. I kept wanting to read more about Dasani. Andrea Elliott, a reporter at the NY Times, wrote an article about an 11-year-old girl name Dasani, who lived in Brooklyn with her family and was homeless.
The article follows Dasani’s life and captures both accomplishments and struggles. After reading the article, it did not only get me inspired to write profile stories like this, but it also gave me a perspective of what homelessness actually is. I think everyone should read this extraordinary story. It will get you questioning what you thought you knew about homelessness and the secrets lying within our society.
These are just a few favorites of mine and I’m looking forward to March. I know I said Mondays at 12pm, but just think of me posting on Fridays as a welcoming surprise.



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