So I’ve Been Gone, Here Are…

…my sincere apologies. March and April flew by and now it’s the end of May without a single post to explain my absence from blogging. Well I hope this gives you an insight of why.

Journalism II & Feature Writing

Let me start by saying that this semester has been the hardest one yet. I made myself promise to blog twice a week no matter what, but then every two weeks I was completing an article for my Journalism II class. Then, the next day I was working on stories for my Feature Writing class, all while going to club meetings and work study.

‘I was overwhelmed’ will be an understatement. The most challenging class was Journalism II. Journalism II was faced with doubts and tears (many many tears) that only made me stronger in the end. Article after article brought me down, making me doubt whether Journalism was for me. But there was something pushing me forward.

Journalism is what I want to do and I’m determined to prove that I can do this.

Thankfully, I passed. My articles weren’t the best, but they are just examples of moving forward. I can only get better from here if I continue to write and push myself to become a better writer.

Now, my Feature Writing class was one of the reasons I continued to study my major. Whether it was writing about a bookstore in town (Barner’s Books) or How To Budget Your Money Without Giving Up Luxuries, I think would really made me fall in love with writing feature stories was profiling someone.

I got the pleasure to profile Brienna Parsons and if you don’t know who she is then I hope my profile story sheds a positive light on her. Over the course of a month or two, I learned so much about Brienna. She even taught me a few things and educated me on issues I wasn’t aware of.

So when you take a chance, read my profile story and a ton of others from my Feature Writing class. Here’s a peek of who Brienna is:

Blog Goals

Now that the semester is over, I finally have the time to create some summer goals for myself. Those goals include being more involved in my blog. I missed two months, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

So starting today and the rest of the summer I hope to bring more content.

After profiling someone and being inspired by Humans Of New York. I want to profile more people and get their story. Everyone has a story to tell and I want to be able to provide that for my readers. So if you’re interested in telling your story – contact me in any of the links on my blog!

I will also like to provide more fashion news, trends and clothes picks. For someone that wants to go into Fashion Journalism, I lack a lot of fashion content on my blog. I hope to spend more time on the fashion websites and less time on Tumblr. (Lets see how that goes.)

VISUAL! VISUAL! VISUAL! I’m all for photos and videos. I have a camera and a brand new tripod. Why not right?

Finally, I would love to show off my creative side. I’m constantly doing small artsy projects and I will like to share it more. So get ready for some DIYs and journal collages.

And overall, more about my life because I like sharing it.

Until then.


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