The Months I Missed (Through Photos)

So dealing with my sophomore year, I didn’t blog for two whole months. I thought I provide you an insight of what happened in March/April.

In March, I took a bus back home to take part in back to back concerts with my mom. On March 7th, I saw Demi Lovato (!!!!) at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Every time I get the chance to see Demi perform I fall in love with her all over again. She managed to bring me to tears (more than once) and I sung and dance from beginning to end.

After a tiring night, I managed to get a few hours of sleep before I was doing it all over again the next day at the same place with Imagine Dragons this time. I managed to surprise my mother with Imagine Dragons tickets for Christmas. I didn’t know most of their songs, but by the end of the night I couldn’t wait to listen to them again.

Note to concert goers: I don’t know how musicians do it, but I was ready to sleep for a whole month.

On March 17th, I stood in the freezing cold for hours on end to see this beautiful man once again. You can never tell me when Glee is filming in New York because I will wait forever to see him. Do I really have to explain why? He is honestly the most down to earth, funniest guy ever. AND HELLO I TOOK A SELFIE WITH DARREN CRISS. Also I met Kevin McHale and Chord Overstreet, who are just as gorgeous and amazing in person.
On March 18, I visited my suitemates in Staten Island for the first time. (Apparently I went to Staten Island before, but I have no recollection.) I got to go on the Staten Island Ferry which was a very calming experience. I got to sit and watch the boat past the Statue of Liberty while “Adore You” by Miley Cyrus played through my headphones. Once I met with the girls, we headed to dinner at Applebees, went to the mall and met my friend’s grandmother. Staten Island was a great experience and I can’t wait to discover more of it! (If they let me :p)
Two days later, I was determined to see Aladdin since it was finally going on broadway. I woke up early and waited in line. I waited and found out four people ahead of me that there was no more rush tickets. I then proceeded to wait on the Once line (which honestly I didn’t want to see) and again nothing available. My friend and I crossed the street to Pippin, again, out of luck. I decided just for fun to go on the Les Miserables line, not expecting much since we failed at the last three popular broadway shows. But to my surprise we got tickets and orchestra seats no less! I highly HIGHLY highly suggest everyone to see Les Miserables on broadway. It gave me the chills. I managed to restraint myself from singing. Oh and it was only $37.
In March, I also had a pre-birthday party. But skipping to April, I turned 20! I am no longer a teenager and it makes me rather sad. But, on my birthday I woke up to find this beauty in the common room of my suite. It made me smile knowing that my friends know what I love. (Gay couples and superheroes) I spent the rest of the day being content and going about my business with classes and work. I even brought myself a nice pair headphones.
I got the pleasure to accompany my cousin to her freshman orientation for NYU! NYU had me wrapped around their little (not really little) finger. We went through talks, room tours and performances. It was fun to go and I’m soooo proud of my cousin for getting the opportunity to attend NYU. Class of 2018!
With my self-doubt and troubling times in my classes, I managed to crack a smile with a chance of being in my campus’ school newspaper! For a requirement to pass my Feature Writing class, we had to attend a meeting and choose a story to cover. I chose the International Student Union’s Talent Show. I attended the talent show as a newspaper reporter and witnessed a variety of performances and interviewed a few of the performers. Then I began writing my piece and got help from the Arts & Entertainment Editor. On April 24th, it was published in the newspaper and digitally online. So if you want to read it: Here you go!

So here’s March/April in a nutshell.

Oh btw, if you want to keep up to date on my life through photos, follow me on Instagram!

Until then.


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