Brunette Ambition – The Pros & Cons of Book Signings

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to attend Lea Michele’s Brunette Ambition book signing at Barnes & Nobles in Union Square!

Brunette Ambition is about her experiences from doing broadway to getting her role on Glee. She also shares tips on beauty, fashion, food and more. It’s a part memoir, part how-to and part style guide roll into one big illustrated book.

I spent around six hours on a white fold-up chair, talking to my cousin and listening to Lea Michele’s Louder album as it played on the speakers. At around 7 p.m, Lea Michele with special guest Jonathan Groff, known for his role on Glee and his HBO hit show Looking, came down.

Jonathan asked a series of questions which were both endearing and hilarious. It was nice to see how comfortable they were with each other and how, for a moment, they forgot we were even there. He asked questions like “What did you regret not putting in the book?” to “How do you stay so tiny?”

After the Q&A, I waited to meet the lovely Lea Michele. She was kind, thanked us for coming and signed our books.

I am very glad and grateful for meeting Lea, but after this experience, I began comparing it to other book signings I’ve attended.

So here are my pros and cons of book signings:

1. You are getting the chance to meet your favorite author, celebrity, etc.
2. You get a chance to talk to them.
3. You get to read a book that they wrote and worked hard on.
4. You get to meet others who share the same interests as you.
5. You get to experience special things like Q&As or a chapter reading from the writer.
6. You have your book signed!
7. You are most likely sitting instead of standing. (Unless you come late)
8. Once you have a seat, a book, wristband etc, you are guaranteed to meet them.
9. You’re inside and not shivering in the cold or being drenched in the rain.
10. You’re in Barnes freaking Nobles. Like what can get better than that?

1. Limited time to speak.
2. No photos with them, only of them.
3. There’s a possibility that you can be rushed by aggressive body guards.
4. Waiting for a long period of time. (6+ hours)
5. Loud, crying, over obnoxious fans.
6. Seats are so close together, making it uncomfortable to sit.
7. No matter how long you wait, sometimes you’re not guaranteed to meet them or get anything signed.
8. Waiting outside in the cold or rain to get inside.
9. People not following the rules.
10. Buying books. (Hey I have a kindle now and there’s a thing called a library. Times are rough!)

Again, I’m very happy I went to the signing and got to meet Lea. However, I do see differences in the book signings I’ve attended to yesterday’s. But overall, it was a great experience!

So get your copy now!

Until then


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