I finally got around starting the Divergent trilogy. Divergent provides two great things: a female hero and a created dystopia. Once I began reading, I couldn’t put the book down. It brought me into a world full of fighting against what you don’t believe in and suffering through the pain. It reminded me so much of The Hunger Games trilogy for a moment.

Veronica Roth, the author of the Divergent trilogy, was only 23 years old when the first book was published. It was a little over a year when she graduated from Northwestern University. She sold the movie rights before she even graduated! It bottles my mind that someone so young can create one of the most successful trilogy in present day. It inspires me that anything is possible when you work hard enough to make your goals come true.

Divergent made me want to continue reading and grab the next book in the trilogy. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to finally see the movie and see if it adapted the book well.

Now, before I continue I just want to warn you that this post is going to give ALOT of spoilers. So to the people who haven’t read Divergent or seen the movie, I suggest you close this and wait until the next blog post. If you read the book, seen the movie or could care less continue on.

Favorite moments of the book:

1. I find it interesting that people are separated into factions. It reminds me of that whole separated into districts from The Hunger Games. While reading, I was wondering whether I can see myself in one specific faction or a Divergent like Tris was. I was surprised that Tris chose Dauntless because the way she was describe in the beginning I couldn’t really see that much bravery and strength in her. At the same time, I was glad she didn’t choose her old faction Abnegation. The faction had so much rules in place for her and I felt that she had this voice that couldn’t be control. She was constantly voicing her opinion at the dinner table when she wasn’t suppose to or challenging Eric. I’m also glad she got to change her name from Beatrice to Tris.

2. I like her relationship with Four. I like how it started out as a confusing, but understanding relationship between the two. They were just two people learning about each other. It wasn’t some cliche ‘I’m in love with you lets be together forever’ story. I like how Four is just this simple yet mysterious guy who has a story to tell, but no one really knows it. I like how he sees how strong and different Tris is from all the other transfers. My favorite moment was when Four finally tells Tris why he used that name. I like how Tris was able to help him through his four fears when she didn’t need to. I also like how he was Tobias, the son that left his old faction to get away from his father Marcus, who use to abuse him.

3. Just the overall process of Tris becoming a Dauntless. I can actually feel the pain she had to endure. The amount of fighting that had to go on with the transfers. Can we also talk about how badly I wanted Peter, Molly and Drew hurt after they not only stabbed Edward in the eye, but tried to kill Tris?! The satisfaction I got when Tris fought Molly and when she shot Peter was great. There was so much action within the pages that I felt like I was going through all that running, jumping and fighting. Overall, I love how Tris overcame all the fighting, the simulations and her fears.

4. Just the whole catch the flag scene was good. I can’t wait to see if the scene is in the movie because I’m curious to see how Tris and Four managed to use the ferris wheel as an advantage in capturing the opponent’s flag. I just love that I wasn’t prepared for Tris to be the brains in the operation. She was able to be smart and think outside of the box. I also love the introduction of new characters like Uriah, Marlene and Zeke.

5. Finally, I love learning about Dauntless in general and how Tris, Christina and Will used it to break out from their old factions. Tris got a new look with tattoos and being more confident in showing off her body. It was a new life for them and I’m glad they got to act like teenagers and use this as opportunity to enjoy it.

I probably have more favorite moments, but I want to know what’s yours? Do you have a faction you would be apart of or are you Divergent?

Until then.


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