Top 8 Favorite Youtubers

When I’m bored, you usually see me scrolling through Tumblr, taking up most of my time. But it’s always those rare moments when I looked through just about everything. From there, I go on youtube where I can spend about an hour or two watching videos ranging from beauty to comedy.

Since I’m a social media intern, my boss had me watch a few youtube videos and comment on them, getting the word out on our own youtube page. She had me watch booktubers, something I never watched before.

Booktubers specialize in talking about books they’ve read, reviewed and/or recommend to others. Every time I watched a video, a book was added to my list of future reads. I was envious of the books piled onto their shelves behind them. They made me want to start making videos of my own.

Aside from liking new youtubers. Here are a few of my favorites already:

I love, love, love Tyler Oakley. He’s so funny and I learned about him from Tumblr and his love for Darren Criss. I watched every single video of Tyler and fell in love with his fangirlness (making up words) and blunt personality. I have so many favorite videos that I can’t possibly put all of them in one post. You’re just going to have to check them out yourself πŸ™‚

If you take the subway in New York City or stepped in an Aeropostale you would definitely see Bethany Mota‘s face all over the place. Before then, I was watching all her DIYs, fashion and beauty videos. She has a positive and upbeat personality and I’m always favoriting and writing things down I would love to buy or ideas on DIYs I would love to try.

I was drawn in by the amount of times I kept laughing at all his videos. Troye Sivan is full of laughs with this video and the famous 2013 song he made. I’m constantly pressing the favorite button when watching his videos.

AndreasChoice has the best and easiest DIYs. I don’t know how many times I’ve attempted to make beanies from my nonexistent sweaters in my closet.

I’ve mentioned LaurDIY in a previous post (DIY Muscle Tee) and I can’t repeat myself enough on how great her DIYs are. She has the best videos on shirt construction and home decor. I’m definitely going to keep her in mind when the time comes to have my very own apartment. She also has a pretty cool instagram.

missglamorazziΒ has the best month’s favorite videos. She constantly has affordable makeup, clothes and home decor. I especially love her tutorials for makeup and skin routines.

If you want to laugh your butts off, you have to watch TheFineBros videos. It’s so funny watching people react to things. I don’t know which is funnier, the kids, the teens, youtubers or the elderly. I also like seeing videos I’ve never seen before like this. Overall, their reactions are priceless. I spent a whole night watching so many of them.

Last semester, I came across Improv Everywhere‘s videos from a friend. From there on, I was hooked! I couldn’t believe the things people got away with and the reactions from people that had no idea what was going on. I also love that these improvs took place in New York City. I already signed up to participate if they ever do one in New York again!

These are some of my favorite youtubers. I hope you get a chance to watch a few of the videos and even subscribe to some. And who knows, maybe you’ll see some videos of mines in the near future.

Until then.

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