The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning

On Tuesday, I headed to Barnes & Noble in Union Square to meet Chris Colfer to get The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning signed.

A Grimm Warning follows both Alex and Connor on their own struggles in the fairytale world. At the same time, the twins must join together with the help from their friends on an adventure to save the day yet again.

Chris Colfer is known for his role as Kurt Hummel on the FOX show Glee and is a #1 New York Times bestselling author for The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell. The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning is the third book in the series.

I made my way to the line where I met one of my friends. Once we purchased the small, red book, we made our way upstairs to another line before being seated. I couldn’t believe how close I was to the platform. In a few hours I was going to be this close to Chris Colfer.

For the next ten hours, I spent it making friends, playing Cards Against Humanity and singing along to Glee songs starring Chris. I also got the pleasure to take pictures where Chris stood just a few hours after.

I’ve done this already for two years and I still get excited when it’s time for him to come. As he walked over, all I saw was cameras flashing and people screaming with excitement. I had the biggest smile on my face because after waiting so long I was finally seeing him yet again.

Once he was on the platform, he said his hellos and revealed the three art contest winners. The pictures were incredible and I wish I took the time to make my own for fun. It’s been a while since I drew anything.

Then he sat down and read an excerpt of his new book. I tried not to listen (since I didn’t read the second book yet. Oops!) and it was hard to resist. My friend and I kept whispering ‘Spoilers, spoilers!’ It was cute how Chris had all these voices for his characters. It’s amazing how you have this idea come to life and you’re the one in control of how something should be.

After that, he answered a few questions that were asked by the audience. One of the things he answered was how he would love if his book turned into a live action movie than an animated movie. However, his main goal is to have people fall in love with his books and have them stand on it’s own before turning into a movie.

He also spoke about character choices, his goals to write more books (!!!), and how his favorite Avengers character is Black Widow (Clearly Captain America is the best Chris). He also convinced the audience that he brought his cat along before admitting he was joking in which he laughed at us. Leave it to Chris to make the book signing more than entertaining.

Soon enough it was time for him to sign books. I was in the fifth row and I was nervous. You would think meeting him twice already, I would be less nervous.  I didn’t even know what to tell him. How many times can you tell a person he’s amazing?

Once it was my time to go up, I already knew what I was going to say. Once I was in front of him, I smiled and he was just so beautiful you guys. Here’s what happened:

Me: You give me the motivation to at least write one book until I graduate or turn 24 like you.
Chris: Ooo that’s a good goal!
Me: (dying inside and smiles while shaking and rushing my words) Also I highly recommend you do Book Con.
Chris: What?
Me: Book Con at the Javis Center. John Green (look at me name dropping his friends), Veronica Roth and many other authors did it.
Chris: Oh. That sounds so cool.
His publicist: Yeah he was invited, but he couldn’t make it.
Me: You should definitely do it!
Chris: Okay thanks!

Then I grabbed my book, gave him a smile and walked away with the biggest smile on my face. That was the longest I ever spoken to him and he was so nice! He took the time to talk to everyone.

Every year I’m always satisfied with meeting Chris Colfer and getting my book signed. I’m always looking forward to going to one of his signings because they are always organized, fun and turns out to be one of the best memories of the summer. Not only do I get to meet Chris, but I get to meet other people who share my love for him.

I’m in the process of reading The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns before reading the new book in the series. So stay tuned for a review in the future!


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