Writing Prompt Wednesday #3

Far from home
Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.
 In the 7th grade, I was given the opportunity to go to the Galapagos Islands. It was just a small group of us including chaperones that spent a week on a yacht exploring and learning about the different islands.
Before heading to the Galapagos Islands, we stood in Ecuador for the night at a very nice hotel, that gave us cool frozen drinks and a nice view. The hospitality in Ecuador was amazing. Everyone was so nice and was willing to show us how great Ecuador was.
Picture 035

If you don’t know, the Galapagos Islands surrounds the country of Ecuador and is made up of volcanic islands like Isla Pinta and Isla Santa Fe. Each island holds something unique with different animals such as the blue footed boobies (Yes they are called that, look it up!), turtles and more.

Picture 055

I was chosen to attend this trip to learn about Darwinism. At the time, I actually thought science was one of my favorite classes so I was excited to learn how animals survived over time on these islands. We were even made to write in journals where explained our day and what we learned.

Each day was a new adventure, a new discovery. One day we were inches away from sea lions and iguanas. While another day are feet were touching sand dark like Oreos. There was always something to learn and captured in my mind for years to come.

Picture 124

Picture 122

Every day was extremely hot since we were close to equator. I was always covered in sunscreen, always wearing different hats and bringing water to get through the days. It was great to have time to dip my feet into the clear blue water.

Picture 127
Picture 043

The best moments of the trip was the constant views of the sunset, sitting on the roof top of the yacht while it moved through the large mass of water and kayaking. It was moments I will always stand back and think ‘Wow, I actually did that. I actually saw that.’

Picture 046
Picture 068

There was also a moment where I felt like I was in a safari adventure, going through caves and going through large moving waves. It was something I’ve never experience before.

I was only 13 years old and I managed to travel somewhere without my family. It was the longest time I spent on a plane (5+ hours) and on a boat (never been on a cruise). I was adding new things on my list that I didn’t have before. It would have been my third time out of the country, but my first time exploring it on my own.

Where have you’ve been?

Until then.

*Map from tripadvisor.com


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