5 Lists of 5: 25 Things About Me

My blog has my life written all over it. I’m constantly telling my opinions, ideas, dreams, etc. Although I still owe you guys an About Me, I thought I do it in another way. (Kind of.) 

I came across this 5 Lists of 5: 25 Things About Me from Buffalo Girl. I mentioned this link in my last post and so I thought I give it a shot and talk about me.

Things I’m Loving Right Now
1) Teen Wolf – Don’t look at the name. Don’t make that face and don’t change the channel because you know it’s on MTV. Teen Wolf deserves to be watched because it’s supernatural (mostly werewolves) filled with people like Dylan O’ Brien. It’ll have you questioning by the end, what is really going on. (I’m still trying to figure that out.)
2) Writing-related Tumblrs – As an intern, I’m always going on different social media platforms and following, adding, or looking over writing-related accounts. This inspired me to start following these accounts on my own personal social platforms. Many of these accounts give really good ideas and references to make me a better writer. Writing Box and The Writing Cafe are my favorites.
3) Cooking – Nope this isn’t a joke. I love cooking. I’ve been making simple things, but I love having to look at a recipe and making it my own. They actually turn out pretty good. I want to get my hands on baking now.
4) Sleeping in late – I need to take advantage of this before I go back to school. I stay up really late and then wake up really late. It’s the best of both worlds honestly.
5) Clean & Clear products – I really feel like they are helping with my acne problem. Every time I wash my face, it feels so refreshing. I highly recommend checking out their products.
Things That Give Me Anxiety
1) Being late – I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I start to panic when I’m not somewhere 15 minutes before I’m suppose to be there. That actually happened to me when I had an interview to get the internship.
2) Negative thoughts – Just not succeeding, not having friends, love ones being gone from my life. Just anything that isn’t positive. I tend to think like that during late nights or when I can’t sleep.
3) Talking to a live person on the phone – I hate having to be an adult for one minute. When I’m forced to make my own appointments or fix something, I have to rehearse what I’m going to say before I make the call.
4) Future – I always have so many questions that I can’t answer right now. When I graduate, am I going to have a job? Will I be able to pay my bill next month? Will I pass this semester?
5) Competitions – I can’t do it. Maybe like small settings with friends and family. But I remember a time in middle school where it was a math competition and I completely froze. Or when I try to be a soccer player…for one practice. I can’t do it.
Things That Make Me Irrationally Annoying
1) People that don’t text me or read my text and don’t reply – That annoys me because I saw you, you read it and you’re not going to reply. Is it because you didn’t like what I text? Am I bothering you? I also kind of annoyed that I always have to be the first person to text someone. ALL. THE. TIME. If I’m constantly the only one actually reaching out, what’s the point?
2) Know-it-alls/ Negative people – I get that you know this, but do you really know it? Did you major in taking away people’s opinions? I like this thing and you’re going to tell me it’s not real and childish. Please go away. No one is an expert unless you studied this for years and have multiple of books backed up with facts. If someone wants to love something, don’t stomp on it.
3) Gossip magazines and television shows – Yes I’m talking to you US Weekly and Access Hollywood. I mean I don’t mind knowing about my favorite celebrities. But is it really shocking that she’s actually a human being? And they all have the same stories and talk about five celebrities that just want fame and not actually want to show some talent for something.
4) People pointing out my acne – Oh, I wasn’t aware of my acne, thank you for pointing it out to me. It’s not like I don’t look at a mirror every day and see the problem for myself. Then when people want to give me advice and I’m just like-do you think I’m sitting here, not caring? Sigh.
5) That there is no equality for women, religion, sexual orientation, etc. It bottles my mind that there are people who believe that the world is fine when it’s not. We have a long way to go and people that are stopping this from happening makes me angry.
Things That I Need To Stop Doing
1) Spending time on my butt – I’m constantly on my computer, my phone or watching television. There’s a world outside of these things and yet I’m here doing nothing while there are people traveling the world, actually having a life.
2) Being picky – I’m always looking at food without tasting it, smelling it and realizing that it might actually taste good. There is so many different options out there that I’m unaware of.
3) Neglecting my love ones – I feel like I don’t appreciate my family enough. I should be visiting family members, talking to them, getting to know them better instead of spending time with people that don’t even know I exist.
4) Comparing myself to others – I’m always looking at the person with clear skin, skinny waist or nice hair when I should be appreciating things about me, not listing the things I dislike about myself.
5) Not working to the best of my ability – I realize last semester I could’ve done a lot better. In the fall, I hope to work harder and get better grades.
Things That Make Me Stupid-Happy
1) Compliments/Praises – I don’t think this makes me narcissist. I think everyone should be happy to get compliments and praises for their accomplishments. When someone tells me that I did a great job or they like my outfit, it boosts my confidence. It shows that there are kind people in this world.
2) Music – I’m currently listening to music and I’m just dancing and singing along. It always puts me in a good mood whatever it is.
3) Surrounding myself with amazing people – People that I can laugh and have fun with. It makes me happy to have a good time with friends and family.
4) Being a fangirl – Talking about my favorite things and people. Meeting people with the same interests and meeting the people in my favorite thing. (*cough* this. and this.)
5) Writing – Whether it’s writing on this blog or writing a story, I always have the enjoyment in writing anything and I hope you all enjoy it.
So there you have it! I hope you learned a lot about me. So out of the five categories, I dare you to write me one thing in the comments.
Until then.

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