Writing Prompt Wednesday #4

You, the sandwich
If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points for writing a recipe)

This prompt was a tough one and for some reason every time I look at the writing prompts for Wednesday, I’m always left stuck. I always have to figure out ahead of time what I’m going to write and sometimes I’m late to post. (If you haven’t notice, I post 4x a week at 12pm!)

I think if a restaurant named something after me, I hit the jackpot because who wouldn’t want something name after them. Technically in Manhattan, there is a whole area dedicated to my name. I actually went to high school where every store, diner or building was named Chelsea. However, you would think there is some perk with having your name surrounding downtown Manhattan. Think again.

But back to the prompt, I was thinking of something creative and witty to name my sandwich, but all I can think about was calling it Short Stuff. I feel like it can be a dessert or an appetizer than a sandwich because of it’s name and it’s size. It also makes me think of Strawberry Shortcake, but it’s unlikely something filled with fruit.

I thought it would be too lame to call it after myself and so I began to think of characteristics or physical features that make me unique. All I can think about was how short I was. I’ll spare you the details of how short I really am. Every time I explained it, I feel like a small little child. So you can guess how short I am on your own.

So Short Stuff would be my sandwich, dessert or appetizer. I like to think the restaurant that serves my sandwich is fun and whimsical like Stardust or Alice’s Tea Cup. I want a restaurant that has character and is not too expensive to enjoy.

If we’re talking about a regular sandwich, Short Stuff will be simple and well short. It will have ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato and mayo. It’s basically a regular sandwich that really doesn’t need a name.

However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make the recipe a little more exciting.

Short Stuff is really filled with happiness, jokes, intelligence, growth (it is my sandwich and it’s ironic isn’t it?) money and more! So who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself with a Short Stuff.

Until then.



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