Writing Prompt Wednesday #5

State of your year
Write up a mid-year “State of Your Year” post
I can’t believe we’re half way done with the year. Where has the time gone? Although this summer has been okay, I still got a lot done in the last six months. In just half of a year, I managed to accomplish and learn many things.
One thing I can say I accomplished this year was blogging more. Back in January, I began posting, but with school I didn’t post too much. As soon as summer hit, I began posting two times, maybe even four times a week.Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve gained readership. I’m constantly seeing people commenting and sharing my posts with others on their social media sites. This year I joined Bloglovin where I now have 43 followers who get my blog posts updated to their dashboard.

Although I have a long way to go to reach popular blogger status, I’m still grateful that people take the time to read what I have to say.

I realized how much I miss working and how I can’t be picky when it comes to work. This summer, I had no job and was bored out of my mind. I had a chance to return to my old job, but decided I wanted a better one that didn’t involved retail which is nearly impossible for college students.I applied to so many jobs (here’s my beautiful rant post about it) and got no responds back.

It showed how much I cherish my work study job back at school. Without that job, I would be just as bored as I am now. My job doesn’t only put money in my pocket, but it gives me a chance to be busy.I also learned, but always known that writing can relieve stress. If I knew buying a small green notebook would save me from so many times when I wanted to rip my hair out, I would have brought it a long time ago. There are times where I just want to let everything out and my notebook helps me. It helps me relax and reflect. Personally, I let my writing speak for me. I’m not a good public speaker, I don’t really like talking about myself unless it’s in front of a computer. So my notebook gives me a chance to talk and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Aside from that, here a series of tweets (@imchelseaa) and photos (@destroyedbeauty) from the past six months:

Well to the next six more months! Stay tuned for more blogging, tweets and more. You can’t get rid of me that easily.
How was your mid-year?
Until then.

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