Friday Favorites #3

Hello August!

And thank god it’s Friday. I thought I try out doing Friday Favorites every other week to make it more interesting. So lets get to it.


(Photo cred: A Beautiful Mess)
(Photo cred: A Beautiful Mess)
Food is very important and I hope that you all are actually looking at these beautiful creations of food. That is all.

Homemade Kit Kat Bars
Spicy Tuna Melts
Quinoa Shrimp Scampi
Homemade Frozen Fish Sticks


(Photo cred: Cosmopolitan)
(Photo cred: Cosmopolitan)
I always come across someone’s writing that keeps me motivated and ready to tackle anything. There are people that are willing to give good advice to become a better person, writer, etc. I always try to keep these points in mind, even writing a few down as reminders.

5 Secrets of People Who Follow Through with their Creative Aspirations


(Gif cred: Buzzfeed )
(Gif cred: Buzzfeed )
I find every link to be interesting, but there are some I come across that I can’t scroll past. These links make me laugh, smile and even cry sometimes. These links usually have fun, quirky titles that pull me in.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Heartbreaking Love Letters
49 Terrible Things That Are Worse Than The Inevitable End of Summer
Darren Criss Plays “Would You Rather?”
John Stamos Critiques 20 Vintage Photos of Himself


(Photo cred: Zoella)
(Photo cred: Zoella)
Since I’m constantly reading other bloggers work, I’m always favoriting and commenting back to give them feedback. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, etc, I’m always finding new ideas for my own posts.

All Over by Tattoologist
DIY Natural Brush Cleaner by The Beauty Department
The Marwoods Coffee Shop by ZoellaΒ 
To Write A Letter by Deer Circus
The Ultimate List: Blogger Don’ts by Queen of Jet Lags


Just to let you guys know right now, all of these videos consist of Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman. I’ve been looking at her videos nonstop and I’m hooked! She’s hilarious and most, if not all, of her videos are true when she talks about relationships, parents or girls like me.

Summer Stresses We All Have!
Inner Beauty Make up Tutorial
Your Wake Up Call


(Photo cred: Alessio Botticelli/ GC Images)
(Photo cred: Alessio Botticelli/ GC Images)
Although I don’t talk about fashion that much (x), I love reading about it. I love looking through articles on the new fashion trends and stories. I follow a few of my favorite magazines on a variety of social media platforms and are always finding good links.

The Best Gender-Bender Rock Star Style of All Time: Jay-Z, David Bowie and other Famous Frontmen Who’ve Worn Women’s ClothesΒ 
Blake Lively’s Best Fashion Moments On and Off the Red Carpet

So here are my favorite links this week! What are yours?

Have a good weekend.
Until then.


Author: chelseacandelario

Chelsea Candelario is a recent graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a bachelor's degree in journalism. In the fall, she will be attending City College for a master's in public relations. Currently, she's a freelance writer looking for an opportunity to write and incorporate social media along with her writing. She strives to make a difference in her community through her passion for providing news and culture.

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