50 Things To Do When You’re Bored

So I’ve been home most of the summer and I’m always trying to find new things to do. There are times when I just want to shut my computer off and spend my day doing something else. Here are some good ideas you can try if you’re ever bored.

1. Read. (I’m currently reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan)
2. Binge watch a show you’ve been dying to see. (Just finished watching In The Flesh. I recommend!)
3. Start a blog 😉
4. Take photos of your neighborhood.
5. Visit Governor’s Island* (You can ride their bikes for free for an hour!)
6. Clean your room. (It gives you a chance to look at things you want to throw out or have a good laugh at)
7. Join a new social media website! (Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube…etc)
8. Organize old photos. (You’ll be surprised how many baby photos I have.)
9. Try a new recipe! (I love baking. Here’s a headstart x)
10. Look up a DIY project and try it out.11. Try your hand at collaging. Cut up old magazines and make mood/inspiration/fun boards.
12. Discover new music. (I can’t stop listening to the Guardians of The Galaxy soundtrack.)

13. Visit a museum* (My favorite is the Met)
14. Explore your neighborhood. Visit the nearest bookstore, clothing store or even a diner just for fun. (I will literally go to Barnes & Nobles, Forever 21 & Alice’s Tea for fun.)
15. Go see a movie with friends/family. (Guardians of the Galaxy is a good choice!)
16. Join a meet up.
17. Binge watch youtube videos.
18. Write a story.
19. Meet up with an old friend.
20. Visit a family member.
21. Play some music, dress up and have some fun! 🙂
22. Draw/write something you observe about someone.
23. Create a bucket list (Or a book bucket list :p)
24. Do nail art.

25. Exercise!
26. Listen to a podcast. (I started listening to Welcome to Nightvale.)
27. Surf the internet for new and exciting websites.
28. Start writing your own book! (I should get started on that.)
29. Pamper yourself and do a home spa.
30. Create lists. (I have about four going on right now…)
31. Start a new hobby. (Knitting, hula-hooping, etc)
32. Play a board game. (I still own Monopoly and Life)
33. Read some online comics. (Here’s my favorites x x x)
34. Play some video games. (Who doesn’t like a good game of Just Dance?)
35. Review things for a change. (Products, songs, videos, etc)
36. Volunteer.
37. Make someone’s day with a compliment or a joke.
38. Record a video.
39. Write a letter to yourself, but don’t read it until you graduate or get married or turn a certain age.
40. Write a letter to someone. (Writing letters are never too old!)
41. Invite friends over and have a themed party.
42. Start a traveling book or journal.

43. Look through this website (x) and visit your local dollar store for the items that you need.
44. Google your name and see what comes up.
45. Try to accomplish a random youtube challenges with your friends.
46. Write 50 (or 25!) random things about yourself and get your friends to do it too and see what you learn from each other.
47. Make your own Cards Against Humanity.
48. Write a poem.
49. Follow awesome people on all your favorite social media platforms. (*cough*)
50. Think of 50 more things to do when you’re bored and send them to me 🙂

Until then.


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