Writing Prompt Wednesday #7

Drawing the line
Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

I think there’s a line between being funny and being rude. People believe that jokes are just that…jokes. They never see the consequences of their jokes and continue to believe that if everyone is laughing, then it’s okay.

When a person feels like a joke is out of hand, they are seen as being overly sensitive. They are made to be wrong, while the person that said the joke is seen to be the comedic genius. “If you laughed the first time, how is it any different from this time?” With this mentality, you are implying that’s it’s okay to make a person feel bad. You are implying that if you punch someone and they don’t fall in pain the first time, you’re allowed to punch them again.

Now I love making jokes and I love laughing. One thing you should know about me is that I love making people laugh. I’m always making a fool out of myself and if I can make one person laugh a day, my life is made. However, I know when something it’s a joke and when it’s a cruel jab. There was a moment in middle school when I made a joke about a girl having lice. It was a joke that made someone cry and made me look like a jerk. I look back and wonder why I thought it was a good idea to make a joke like that. For laughs? For attention?

When you’re making a jab at people’s flaws, I feel like you’re crossing a line. Everyone has flaws and for you to point them out, it makes it even worst. I had people joke about my acne, my weight, my lack of knowledge on things and it hurts. It hurts that people will make jokes and make others laugh without a second thought.

I feel like when someone is laughing at your flaws, it turns from joking to bullying. The worst part of it all is when you’re uncomfortable in the situation, they say “You can’t take a joke?” “It was just a joke” “God, you’re so sensitive” “[Insert another crude joke]” You don’t know what’s worst. The joke or the aftermath of the joke.

I think anything can be funny. However, always  try to take the person into consideration. Not everyone is okay with being joked about. At first, you might not realize that the joke was offensive, but if you see someone acting differently afterwards, talk to them. Talking is the best communication. It gives the person the opportunity to tell you how they felt about the joke and it gives you the chance to learn from your mistake.

I feel like so many issues can be resolved if talking is involved. Talking and learning from one of another can avoid so many people in pain because of things that were suppose to be funny when they weren’t.

People assume that bullying is just from hatred. But bullying can be so much more.

So if you ever feel like something that has been said has gone too far, speak up. Ignore the “You’re just being sensitive” “It was just a joke” sayings. If something is bothering you, don’t hesitate to let people know.

And if you’re ever the person making jokes and you’re unsure if it offended anyone in anyway, ask. “Was that okay?” “I hope I didn’t make you upset.” Always learn from your mistakes.

Until then.


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