Hello Junior Year!

So Sunday I returned back to college! I moved into a corridor style hall with a new roommate. I can’t believe I’m in my third year of college, time flies by so fast. It’s only Thursday and I already went through all my classes. I even returned to my work study position where everyone was happy to see me return. It’s finally great to be doing something other than lounging around all day.

Here are my classes this semester:

Creative Writing Workshop: I’m so excited for what this class has in store for me. I declared my minor in Creative Writing last semester and I can’t wait to learn. The class is going to help me write more in a style that is different than Journalism. I’m also going to learn more authors, styles and readings. On the first day, the whole class already know that I use to write fanfiction. It can only get better from there.

Digital Storytelling: I might continue to repeat myself, but I’m excited for this one too. In this class, I will be shooting and editing videos. I would say this is my most expensive class because I just had to purchase an external hard drive and boy was that pricey! But I also love tech things, so I know I will be using this for the rest of my life. Aside from the class, I had the professor already, so I know I will learning a lot.

Being Digital: Do you see a trend? In this class, it will go in depth on the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the 21st century. I think this class is particularly important because so many of us rely on technology in our everyday lives. Although it impacts on us in a good way, it also had negative consequences. This class is also crucial because I had this professor before and didn’t do well in his class, so I want to improve myself.

Entrepreneurial Journalism:  This class will help me with the business side of Journalism. In the first day, I was already in awe at how many places are looking for people to pitch stories to them. A variety of magazines I love are looking for writers and it makes me eager to try a few outside of class. I’m also going to learn the meaning of being a freelance writer.

Multimedia Copy Editing & Layout (CELO): Another class (the class that makes my Fridays late) is interesting. I will learn how to finally fix my grammar and punctuation. Half of the class will consist of becoming a Copy Editor while the other half will consist of becoming a designer. I’m really excited about learning how to make different layouts. When she mentioned magazine layouts, my eyes lit up. How cool is that?

Overall, I’m excited with what Junior year brings me. I can’t wait to start clubs as well as start the process of thinking about studying abroad next semester.

How’s your school year going? Or if you haven’t started, what are you looking forward to?


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