Writing Prompt Wednesday #12

Naked, with black socks on
Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in a bathroom? Why?

The idea of public speaking makes me nervous. When I have to talk in front of people, my face gets bright red and I start to ramble a lot. My freshmen year of college, one of the first courses I took was Public Speaking. As a journalist, it’s easy for me to talk to someone one on one. But, when it comes to presentations or just participating in class, I freeze up. Something about every one’s eyes on me makes me want to turn the other way.

Over the years, I’ve gotten better at public speaking. The class taught me how to take your time and be comfortable talking in front of people. Every semester, my goal is to participate more. So far it’s been good, but I can definitely be participating more in my classes.

If I’m being honest, since elementary school, I never took the time to participate in my classes. When it came to arriving on time or working with my classmates I was fine, but when it came to answering a question, I was never the student to raise my hand.

I understand how bad that can be. Trust me, I’ve seen the disadvantages of not participating in class. I make sure professors know who I am, but it would be better if they knew how I think. One of the reasons why I wanted to get into writing is because I let my words speak for me. I can express myself better with my words.

But I think out of this whole thing what is so strange is when it comes to performing, I’m never nervous. When I was little, I use to take dance classes. When it was time to perform, I was ready. Of course I got nervous, but once I hit the stage, all of the nerves shed away.

What about you? Are you comfortable around people? Shy?

Until then.


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