Saturday in NYC

Last week, I finally went home since returning to my college campus in August. I spent all Friday night traveling, but Saturday I spent time in the city, visiting my cousin, who started her freshmen year at New York University (NYU). Before heading to my cousin’s dorm, I met up with my aunt and we all headed to Taverna Kyclades for lunch.

2c443-img_2960 4c705-img_2961It was the first time I had Greek food and I was in love. We shared all our dishes from Chicken Kebab to Fried Whitings. Each meal had smaller plates like French Fries and Lemon Potatoes that was just to die for. I’m glad that I took a risk and tried everything, aside from the Grilled Octopus. Maybe next time!

For dessert, I suggested Big Gay Ice Cream. I was excited to realize they had a small shop than the one in the Village. Because it was small, I was beginning to realize small things within the ice cream shop. I saw the theme of unicorns and Golden Girls’ references through out the shop. I thought it was clever. I recommend the American Glob ice cream. So good!
Before heading to my cousin’s dorm and saying goodbye to my aunt, we walked through the flea market. Although I didn’t buy anything, I like the variety of food and things you can buy. I was this close to buying a cronut and a Captain America poster.

c5ed4-img_2966 2d8f3-img_2965 c145d-img_29701b8be-img_2975 The last four photos is my time being a NYU student for the day. I got to visit my cousin’s dorm, meet her friends, explore NYC at night and eat the college’s delicious food. I definitely felt like I was on vacation. It was such a great experience and I hope to visit again.

Until then.

Author: chelseacandelario

Chelsea Candelario is a recent graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a bachelor's degree in journalism. In the fall, she will be attending City College for a master's in public relations. Currently, she's a freelance writer looking for an opportunity to write and incorporate social media along with her writing. She strives to make a difference in her community through her passion for providing news and culture.

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