New Name, Same Blog

Do you see something different?

The blog still has the same layout, same posts….but a new name!

That’s right, I’ve changed my blog name from Destroyed Beauty to The Social Rundown.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. When I created this blog, my intent was just to have fun and write random things. But as I began writing more and checking out other blogs, I realize my name didn’t describe who I was or what I was writing about.

I write about a variety of topics and Destroyed Beauty wasn’t touching on that. When people think of my blog name, it came across as a beauty blog. I’m so inexperience when it comes to beauty!

For my Entrepreneurial Journalism class, we was assigned to create a blog that focused on a niche. The first thing that popped into my mind was fashion. Fashion has always been apart of my life and since I was lacking fashion posts on this blog, I wanted to dedicate a blog to it.

I went through so many name ideas until I stumbled upon The Fashion Rundown. No one had this name and I was excited. I created my blog and then another idea popped into my brain.

What if I combine this blog with my fashion blog, how the Huffington Post does with their subtopics. That’s when The Social Rundown was born.

So don’t be alarm if you start seeing the new name on instagram or twitter. I’m still writing the same stuff, just with a new title.

Tell me what you think 🙂

Until then.


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