Photos For Days

I’ve been enjoying taking photos and showing them off to you guys! The Saturday in NYC post really inspired me to continue to show off photos I’ve taken. So here’s just some from the past few weeks or so.

83347-img_3161 f7f25-img_3195

Two weeks ago, I attended the Global Citizen Festival. I’ve never been to a festival before, so I didn’t know what to expect. There were people like Fun. and Carrie Underwood, who rocked the stage. Fun. even sang one of my favorite songs off their album! Aside from six acts bracing the stage, it all came down to Jay-Z with special guest Beyonce! I was breathing the same air as Beyonce.
617e5-img_3246 bba63-img_3249d3353-img_3307
If you haven’t notice from Instagram, I’ve been taking a lot of photos of my campus. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and my school is known to have beautiful trees during the season. It’s my third year on campus and I am now taking photos, where have I been?


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I’ve also included on Instagram my trip the Phillies Bridge Farm near my school. It was for Creative Writing Workshop I class. We had to take notes of our surroundings. We even went through a trail that had a lot of great writing materials as well as great photograph moments.

ab2f4-img_3313 7dc1c-img_3315 b8b2e-img_3319

Last week, my friends and I went to a farmer’s market. Although we were looking for the famous sunflower field, we spent the time seeing the scenery. Because I don’t have a car, it’s hard to go past where I go to school. It was a good experience to see what’s out there.
I hope you enjoyed my photos. What was your favorite? Did you take any photos this week?
Until then.

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