Writing Prompt Wednesday #16

Sand but true
Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear — but accurate — criticism you’e ever gotten. Does it still apply?

I try my best to deal with criticism. However, since I started my major last year, I’ve faced criticism that was out of my control. I always thought I was a good writer and when I blog, I feel good afterwards because people are reading and enjoying what I have to say.

I never thought simple criticism would bring me down. When I started getting comments on my articles, I started to lose hope for myself. Should I really be doing this major? Do I even love it anymore?

There would be comments that was along the lines of: “I don’t even understand what you’re saying.” Wow, a punch in the face would be better than this. I broke down at least twice last semester because of it. 

But if you know me, I find a way to pick myself up. I took a deep breath and thought of the positive side to this. No one likes criticism, but it’s given for a reason. 

I took the harsh criticism and I worked on my writing. Everyday I’m trying my best to make my writing stronger and clearer for readers like you.

I’m always thinking about the harsh criticism I got last semester. My stomach churns and I get nervous whether it’s good enough. 

Always believe in yourself when you’re faced with criticism. Criticism made me a stronger person and it can make you stronger too. 

Until then.


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