Five Useful Apps While Traveling

When I was traveling, I always had one thing with me at all times and that was my iPhone. I didn’t go anywhere without it, even if I didn’t have data (which was most of the time). I relied on Wifi a lot whether I was in Cardiff or embarking on a new country. With the help from Wifi, I was able to find useful apps along the way to make my traveling easier.

So if you’re getting ready to travel, these apps can definitely help before and during your trip!

1. City Mapper

City Mapper is useful mainly for major cities such as London, Amsterdam, and more. It’s a great app to guide you through the busy cities. It provides directions with a variety of transportation options (bike, train, foot), while giving you an approximate time it will take to get to your destination.

The best part of the app is that it can tell you if a train is going to be delayed, the alternative, and how long until the next train comes. Although I’m back home, I still use the app to get to places and keep updated on any changes on my route.

Price: Free

2. Air B&B

Air B&B is the perfect way to stay in a place with friends. With Air B&B you have the choice to stay in someone’s home whether you’re planning on staying in a room or having a whole house to yourself. The app lets you decide what’s best for you! The filters give you the chance to pick a price, location, and listing type (private, shared or entire home). It also lets you read up on the person that owns the home and lets you communicate with them to ask questions if necessary.

I found this to be a great app when it came to finding a place for three in London. I found a place that was close to all the attractions, affordable to split amongst the three of us, and the couple that owned the place was welcoming and friendly.

It’s good to note that there’s a chance that the person might reject you. It’s like Tinder, but for places? You may love a place, but it’s up to the person to accept your request. So look through the details carefully and stay in contact with the person once you’ve been accepted.

Price: Free

Bonus: If you get a friend to sign up for Air B&B, your next (and their) trip is $15 off!

3. Hostelworld

If Air B&B is not your style then hostels are for you! Hostels is an affordable way to be with other travelers in the area. Just like Air B&B, you’re able to decide the price, location, and room type (Private, Coed or not, # of beds..). I found hostels to be an easier and affordable place to stay. I spent most of the time in hostels and I enjoyed it. I got to meet new people from around the world, I received a lot of benefits from the hostels I chose, and I found more pros than cons if everything.

A major plus about doing the purchase through the app is the discounts. The app takes away a small fraction of your purchase when you sign up on the app. Cool right?!

Price: Free

4. Skype


I don’t have to tell you how great Skype is for connecting with friends and family. While I was away, I used Skype a lot to talk to my family. No matter where I was in the world, I had a chance to talk to my parents. I remembering being in Rome for my birthday and they had the chance to contact me.

Aside from the obvious, I used Skype call when I ran out of minutes (high five to international plan) and it was so beneficial. I actually got to surprise my grandparents and they were so confused on how I was calling their home phone from Wales. It was perfect.

Note that I did the free trial for international calling for 3o days. If you want to continue, it’s a monthly charge.

Price: Free

5. XE Currency

When you’re traveling, it’s best to stay on top of the money currency in that area. I was constantly jumping from pounds to euros while I was traveling. I learned a lot about money differences especially when I had to convert US dollars to pounds. Let me tell you how stressful and disappointing it was to see 1 USD be stripped down to a pound.

Anyways, this was helpful to figure out how much money to take out and convert. I was able to budget myself and figure out how much euros I was getting in replacing the pounds or how much dollars I was losing for the pounds.

Price: Free

So I hope when you begin traveling you use these apps for a simple and easy way to get around, stay in a good location, communicate with others, and be on top of your money.

Featured Image Credit: Handshake


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