Understanding Life And Death

In two weeks, I’ll be turning 23 years old. I took a moment to look back at the past year and ask myself:

What have I accomplished at this point in my life?

I’ve seen a lot of people my age going through different journeys in their lives. Some are preparing for new career role, others are growing a family. We are all reinventing and changing in front of each other’s eyes.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t get the same opportunities.

Recently, I found out someone I went to school with, passed away. It’s never easy to comprehend death. Whether you’re close to someone or not, death is never explainable.

I haven’t seen him in years, but its still weird to see someone’s life on social media one minute and see them disappear another minute. He was the same age as me, had his whole future to look forward and it was gone in an instant.

So again you begin to wonder,

What have I accomplished at this point in my life?
What am I going to leave behind?
What can I do more of?

Death is a sensitive and scary topic to address. I never know what to say or do. I don’t like talking about it and I don’t know how to talk about it with other people.

It’s the same with funerals. No one likes attending funerals. There’s a long period of mourning. There’s also a chance we take a moment, a day or the rest of our lives to celebrate someone’s life.

As I scanned my friend’s timeline, he was flooded with memories of friends and family celebrating his life. He was known for his loyalty, his humor and his honesty. I’ll be the first to admit that we weren’t close. My mother worked with his mother and we were forced in a way to interact. But I too categorize him with those qualities.

There so much time to mourn for a loss, but it’s a greater opportunity to celebrate someone for their qualities and memories we have with that person. There’s a chance to make someone’s legacy live on.

So the greatest question we often ask ourselves is how to live like tomorrow is your last day on earth? It’s simple.

Be kind.
Be positive. 
Be curious. 

There’s so many things to do, to say, to think about when wanting to live your life to the fullest. You can plan your life, but there’s never a structure in how you’re going to go.

I stand by the notion of making the most out of live because life is indeed too short. So diminish grudges, tell someone you love them or finally travel to the place you’ve always want to go to because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

My Featured Image: Belfast, Ireland


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