How I Spent Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month shouldn’t stop with March. We should continue to learn from past and present women, who’ve made it their mission to make an impact in history. Every woman has a chance to make a difference in their field, community and personal life.

The month of March was filled with learning, connecting and surrounding myself with inspirational women. While I listen to my #GirlBoss playlist, here are six things I did to celebrate Women’s History Month:

  1. The Broadsheet

The Broadsheet is a daily newsletter showcasing the latest headlines of the world’s most powerful women.

Every morning, I’m updated on what’s going on in the world. The newsletter focuses primarily on women in business, politics and activism. Occasionally, it provides advice from the world’s most leading CEOs and higher executives in businesses across the world.

Note: As of March 17th, women make up only 5% of Fortune’s 500 CEOs. 

If you’re into theSkimm, you’ll definitely be interested in this journalistic format. It’s perfect for someone who wants the news in quick snippets and is interested in learning about how women are striving in their own fields.

2. #FindSpark Fashion Conference 


I haven’t been interested in the fashion industry in a long time, but I took a chance and attended the #FindSpark Fashion Conference anyway. By the end of the day, I was surprised by how I was beginning to reconsider giving fashion a chance again.

Each session taught me about marketing, branding and social media – three out of the four areas I’m passionate about. Every panel provided great career advice and a way to connect with professionals throughout the conference.

Here are a few of my takeaways:

3. Bloomberg International Women’s Day Leadership Summit 

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), the Center for Communication teamed up with Bloomberg Startup, the Bloomberg Women’s Community, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art to empower and inspire the next generation of young women filled with panels and presentations.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Editor-In-Chief of Bustle, Kate Ward, speak on how she created a platform written by women for women. But a presentation that stood out for me was from Verna Eggleston, former commissioner of New York City’s Human Resources Administration (HRA). She now focuses on the Women’s Economic Development at Bloomberg Philanthropies and here’s a few key moments I still remember:

  1. The movement isn’t going to be televised or tweeted or instagrammed.
  2. Instead of empowering women, let’s help women find their inner power.
  3. Don’t let what’s happening oversees fool you into thinking it’s not happening in your own backyard.

4. Readers + Shakers Book Discussion

I’ve mentioned the book club in multiple occasions and I can’t stress enough how important it is to me. Every month, I get the chance to meet new people and participate in discussions stemming from the book of the month.

I spent a few hours surrounded by women with different views, backgrounds and stories. For an introvert, I’m able to feel comfortable in an environment filled with different voices.

5. Visiting The Bustle Office

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.46.11 PM

I’m currently a remote intern for Bustle’s sister site, Romper. I visited the Bustle office and met my bosses for the first time. I was excited to see a digital publication created by women for women.

One thing I loved about the office is that each wall was covered with quotes by prominent women in media and the atmosphere left me inspired to work for a community like Bustle one day.

6. #UnstoppableLATINAS Leadership Summit


At the end of March, I attended #UnstoppableLATINAS leadership summit. The event focused on leadership and empowerment with panels of successful Latinas in media and technology.

I believe it’s important for women of color to seek inspiration and guidance from other women of color. For me, I found it beneficial to see Latinas, especially in powerful positions, taking a stance on issues plaguing their communities and giving advice to become an #UnstoppableLatina.

Here are a few takeaways:

March was filled with a lot of key moments I will continue to take with me throughout the year. It’s essential to set goals in participating in events and making connections. We’re only stronger if we unite, listen and learn from each other. So thank you March and may April be just as motivational.


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