Why You Should Be Watching ‘The Bold Type’

So many shows I’ve watched all through high school and college are coming to an end. From Game of Thrones to Teen Wolf, I’m searching for new shows to watch.

I’ve been a big fan of Freeform (previously ABC Family) shows. Some have successfully made it through seasons (Pretty Little Liars) and others have fallen short (Jane By Design). So, I decided to take a chance on The Bold Type.

The Bold Type centers around three friends who all work at a women’s magazine name Scarlet. This new America drama show was inspired by the life of former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

I’m at a time of my life where I’m feeling hopeless on my future. This show gives me motivation and inspiration to continue working towards my goals. For starters, Jane Sloan, Kat Edison and Sutton Brady all remind me of myself.


Jane is a newly promoted writer. She has her heart set on writing political pieces, but she soon learns it wasn’t going to be easy. Every episode she breaks away the wall she built and learns something new about herself every time.

Kat is the director of social media (aka my dream job). She speaks her mind whether it’s through social media or not. She’s all about fighting for what’s right, even when sometimes it’s not the smart way.

Sutton is an assistant. She’s determine to stand out in her job and she’s passionate about fashion more than anyone. However, sometimes she doubt her own ability to succeed.

Aside from the main characters, I found the show touches upon these four themes:

Women Empowerment 


This fictional magazine reminds of the many magazines we have today. There’s an overwhelming need to expand from the fashion/beauty world and start focusing on others topics in politics, health and social issues. Magazines like Teen Vogue are paving the way in providing information to the everyday female.

On The Bold Type showcases powerful women like editor-in-chief Jacqueline who’s one of the most badass fictional character on television.

Tackling Issues 

In episode five, they tackle a common issue many women face. It brings up the discussion around women’s health at a time where it’s been so prominent in today’s world. The intertwine of reality and social media on The Bold Type shows how important it is to talk about these issues.

Aside from women’s health, the show highlights race, hate speech, defamation and plenty more to continue the discussion outside of the show.

Career Struggles 


This is one of the reasons why I fell in love with the show. Out of all the characters, I resonate with Sutton the most because here’s a girl who thought her life was going to turn a certain way simply because of the major she chose. In the first episode, she watches her friends reach their career goals and she begins to feel like she will always be an assistant forever.

But, as I continue to watch the episodes, I find how dedicate Sutton and all the girls are to doing the best they can to simply be passionate in what they do and be happy with who they’re becoming. When it comes to Sutton,  she realizes where she’s suppose to be.


The show is unapologetic on showing the main characters learning, expressing and promoting their sexuality. Since The Bold Type’s Scarlet Magazine is inspired by Cosmopolitan, the show doesn’t hold back on showing the characters experiencing sexuality in both a professional and personal setting. The second episode backs up my point 100%.

Whether it’s learning about your own body or falling in love with someone you wouldn’t expect, the girls are finding their way on their own terms.

If I haven’t convince you, then I hope the 100% on Rotten Tomatoes will. This is a show for people in their 20s trying to figure it all out with a strong, diverse, supportive female friendship. You can catch The Bold Type on Freeform every Tuesday at 9pm.


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Featured Image: Freeform 


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