Goodbye February!

I always forget that February is the shortest month of the year. I can’t believe how quick this semester is going. I have about two and a half more months of school left (which is a good thing I may add) and on Sunday, it’ll be one more month until my birthday. Is there some way we can put a pause on that?

Seeing how it’s been a short month, I have a few favorites to share.

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My Fall Favorites

I’m a bad blogger planner. 

Aside from the obvious, I have been watching a lot of youtube videos lately. I finally began subscribing to my favorites. (I’m going to make a post about them I promise!) One in particular gave me a good idea.
Why don’t I ever mention my favorite things of the month or week or whatever. I know this makes me a little egotistical because let’s be serious,
Who’s actually going to take my favorite things to consideration?
But as you see I like to blog. I’m going to do it anyways because again this is MY blog after all and you’re reading it for some odd reason. (It’s my fangirl glitter rubbing off on you.)

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