My Take On ’13 Reasons Why’

I decided to finally watch the anticipated Netflix series 13 Reasons Why which aired on March 31st. I remember reading the book a few years ago and enjoying it.

Now I realize, I was enjoying it for the wrong reasons.

News was circling around how graphic the show was and I was curious if I remember the book at all. After watching all thirteen episodes, I understood what everyone was saying and many questions starting with:

What was the creators of the show’s target audience? Did they really take account the sensitivity of the topics?
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4 Puerto Ricans Who Motivate Me

When I was an intern at Latina Magazine I had the opportunity to be in a focus group where representation was the main discussion. I found myself thinking about role models in the Latino community I grew up with and found my mind going blank. I never felt connected or represented in the media.

Everyone talked about Jennifer Lopez, but I couldn’t relate. Of course I grew up listening to Jennifer Lopez and falling in love with the biopic of Selena, but I never felt a close connection.

But last year, I began to find people I can look up to. Whether it was individuals, tv shows or even books, I found myself learning more about my culture, myself and my aspirations.

I thought of these four individuals who’ve motivated me in some point in my life in becoming a powerful, successful Latina:

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Top 8 Favorite Youtubers

When I’m bored, you usually see me scrolling through Tumblr, taking up most of my time. But it’s always those rare moments when I looked through just about everything. From there, I go on youtube where I can spend about an hour or two watching videos ranging from beauty to comedy.

Since I’m a social media intern, my boss had me watch a few youtube videos and comment on them, getting the word out on our own youtube page. She had me watch booktubers, something I never watched before.

Booktubers specialize in talking about books they’ve read, reviewed and/or recommend to others. Every time I watched a video, a book was added to my list of future reads. I was envious of the books piled onto their shelves behind them. They made me want to start making videos of my own.

Aside from liking new youtubers. Here are a few of my favorites already:

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Music Monday!

I am very bad at finding new music. I have been listening to the same albums for a couple of months now and I can’t seem to move on from them. It’s been a while since I updated my iPod, so I rely heavily on Spotify.

Spotify has created the best playlists for every mood I’m feeling. I began searching through them for new music. I spend most of my time looking through the Mood & Chill playlists where there’s even more options to choose from.
When I’m blogging, I like to listen to the Deep Focus playlist. Every song is instrumental, which gives me the chance to write and listen without getting distracted. I’ve also listened to Sunday Lounge that brings a nice relaxing sound into the room and sometimes helps me fall asleep at night.

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My Broadway Secret

So I lied. I am a big fat liar because I promise you that I wouldn’t miss a week and I did.

I’m stressed already yet no one could really tell. Today, I was so tired and gave up on life. (Not literally) I think the difficulty of college is catching up to me and it sucks that I feel like I’m not trying my best.
But this post is not about that. It’s about something more fun and happy. 
Sunday, I came back home to see my friends and family in the city. I made it my mission to see Newsies. I’ve seen the movie two summers ago and ever since I heard of it’s existence on broadway I knew I had to see it. 

Before I go any further, I will explain three ways you can see broadway shows at a cheap price.