The One Thing I’m Giving Up For Lent

In the beginning of every month, I have a habit of jotting down my weight. I’ve become obsessed with seeing the progress I’ve made. However, this month I’m disappointed.

I gained four pounds.

Now, usually I try my hardest to not let weight define who I am. I’m a huge advocate in not letting the scale stop me from continuing to work towards my goal.

But I’m human and I always have negative whispers in the back of my mind. One insecurity always leads to another.

As human beings, we tend to keep our insecurities to ourselves, pushing them as far as we can in the back our minds. However, I’m trying to change that this month.

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6 Self-Care Tips To Follow In 2017

Since the election, I’ve been overwhelmed by the news.

For a journalist, news is apart of life. Although I’m not interested in reporting on hard news (i.e. crime, politics, etc), I’m surrounded by it on a daily basis. However, it can get exhausting.

When I get overwhelmed, anxious, upset or all the above, I like to provide myself with these self-care tips to boost my mood:

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My August Goals

The thought of creating goals makes me excited. I enjoy coming up with daily to monthly goals for myself. The end result of accomplishing a goal brings me gratification.

I love the idea of making them, but I’m not good at following through. I’m an excellent goal creator, but accomplishing them…not so much.

Daily goals are easier for me to do, but I’m overwhelmed when it comes to monthly goals. Goals begin to pile up and I either become lazy or forgetful.

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RIP Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was a poet, author and political activist. Today, she dies at the age of 86, but her legacy lives on. Now, we celebrate all the great works she brought us.

I knew her name, but I never took the time to read her works. I’m embarrassed that as a writer, I haven’t opened myself to reading more from writers like Angelou or Hemingway.

I can blame it on social media. I can blame it on pop culture. But the only person I can blame it on is myself. I have sheltered myself into reading books made into movies and writers made into celebrities.

I’ll be lying if I say I didn’t like the books given to us in school. I have read many great books such as Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde that got my mind going. I began to fall more in love with reading. It inspires me everyday to start a book of my own.

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So I’ve Been Gone, Here Are…

…my sincere apologies. March and April flew by and now it’s the end of May without a single post to explain my absence from blogging. Well I hope this gives you an insight of why.

Journalism II & Feature Writing

Let me start by saying that this semester has been the hardest one yet. I made myself promise to blog twice a week no matter what, but then every two weeks I was completing an article for my Journalism II class. Then, the next day I was working on stories for my Feature Writing class, all while going to club meetings and work study.

‘I was overwhelmed’ will be an understatement. The most challenging class was Journalism II. Journalism II was faced with doubts and tears (many many tears) that only made me stronger in the end. Article after article brought me down, making me doubt whether Journalism was for me. But there was something pushing me forward.

Journalism is what I want to do and I’m determined to prove that I can do this.

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