Post College: My First Job Rejection

I thought I was going to beat the odds and get a job right out of college.

I scored an interview with a small startup in Manhattan and just got accepted into graduate school. I saw my life after college starting on a positive note. I was going to start paying my loans, provide for my family and be an actual adult.

But life is not always that easy. In order to be consider for the job I had to send an article example to prove that I’m qualified for the position. I wrote an article, sent it in early along with a thank you note for allowing me to come in for an interview. I was so confident that I was going to get the job that I quit my actual job.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #13

Celebrate good times
You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

When I receive good news, I have the biggest smile on my face. I love to share my good news with everyone. Sometimes it’s easier to share my good news on social media just because everyone I know is it one place. But people like my grandparents and a few family members are not on these social media sites, so I make it my mission to tell them in person when I can. However, telling my good news to the world, doesn’t mean I’m bragging. I’m proud of my accomplishments and I’m proud of the next person who shares it with friends.

When it comes to celebrating, it depends on the good news I’m receiving. Most of the time, I go to a restaurant or just stay at home and take in how amazing the good news is. It all depends on the situation. Did I get a job? Did I win $1 million? It all depends how exciting it is to me.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #12

Naked, with black socks on
Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in a bathroom? Why?

The idea of public speaking makes me nervous. When I have to talk in front of people, my face gets bright red and I start to ramble a lot. My freshmen year of college, one of the first courses I took was Public Speaking. As a journalist, it’s easy for me to talk to someone one on one. But, when it comes to presentations or just participating in class, I freeze up. Something about every one’s eyes on me makes me want to turn the other way.

Over the years, I’ve gotten better at public speaking. The class taught me how to take your time and be comfortable talking in front of people. Every semester, my goal is to participate more. So far it’s been good, but I can definitely be participating more in my classes.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #11

Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other
Write a six-word story about what you think your future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.  “Working hard for what I believe in.”

I’m a work driven person. I create goals for myself and I make it my mission to complete them. I’m the type of person that needs to complete a task or else I go crazy. Of course there are times when tasks are difficult for me, but I still go out of my way to try to accomplish it. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

Returning back to college, I’m trying to do a different approach. Last semester, I did okay. I don’t like how my grades weren’t that good. I strive for excellence and I want to get better for my last two years of college. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m almost done. Soon enough I would be doing an internship or even better have a career.

Aside from working hard, another part of that story was working hard for what I believe in. Whether it’s academics or a cause, I put myself into doing what I’m comfortable with. There’s posts I’ve done on this blog that brings you away from what I usually write about. There’s some things that I’m passionate about talking about and I want others to understand that. Sometimes writing is easier for me to explain how I feel. I feel like it’s important for people to be inform and I work hard to make the message clear as I can.

Overall, I’m not going to put myself in a position that I’m not for. I’m not going to work hard for something that doesn’t make me a honest, positive person. Everyone has their own way of succeeding and getting their work done. I’m not going to do anything unethical or manipulative to reach to the top. Of course I would fight for it, but fairly.

Until then.


Writing Prompt Wednesday #9

I’d like to thank my cats
You are receiving an award — either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?

If I was receiving an award, I would love for it to be based on my writing. There are awards such as the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Emmy for Screenwriting or even a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism that I would be honored to win. It would show that I’m being recognized for my hard work and creativity.

People like Ernest Hemingway, who won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954 for his work in The Old Man and the Sea (Classic Literature) and Moira Walley-Beckett, who won an Emmy for a Drama Series for Breaking Bad in this year’s 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (USA Today) are just two of the many well-known creative artists.

Overall, I would love to just win any award. These awards are so sophisticated, so I wouldn’t mind winning a fun award like a Teen Choice Award or even a Blogger award. It was the first year that the Teen Choice Awards had a Digital category which included awards such as “Choice Web Star” and “Choice Viner.”

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