Deconstructing Society’s Common Terms

As human beings, we want to be educated on what’s happening in the world. We want to know the latest dances, the hottest trends, and the on-going discussions on issues plaguing society.

As a result, we use significant terms, words or phrases to show others how ‘knowledgable’ we are. However, when we begin to throw around words like objects, we’re unable to fully understand it’s importance. We also begin to mix up meanings and ignore it’s true implications.

I found a few words that constantly come up in conversation or in the media and I took it upon myself to find consistent meanings behind them to better educate myself and hopefully others.

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For Hire

As I pay my phone bill for the month, I cringed. I realize that I’m slowly losing money and I can’t control it. It sucks that all the plans of hanging out with friends at favorite restaurants and buying clothes for the summer has to be put on hold because I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to survive this summer.

I didn’t realize until I was looking at my bank account that I only had enough transportation fee for this month, not for the next three month. My unpaid internship already takes away $15 per week and soon enough another phone bill is going to come up, how in the heck am I going to pay for that?

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How ‘Stereotyped’ Am I?

I wonder what people think of me.

Not like “Am I pretty enough? “Am I smart enough?”….but more in the lines of “How Spanish am I really?” 

Everyone knows about stereotypes and sometimes it is used to judge a person even before you talk to them.

I can’t count how many times people judged me, but I also can’t say it never happened. What I can say is I always have the fear that I know people are thinking about it. When I open my mouth or when I walk into a room, I feel like their eyes are on me, thinking that I’m not the ‘Typical Puerto Rican’ that they were taught to know. 

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Election 2012 – Hope & Change

So unfortunately I didn’t vote this year. Yes, I am 18 years old, but of course my laziness interfered with me not calling them because they spelled my name wrong. On top of that I never requested an absentee ballot. So that left me on Election Day looking on my newsfeed at all my friends excited to be voting for the next President of the United States for the first time.

Aside for my fail at life. I was encouraging others to vote since I couldn’t vote myself. I also was promoting Obama a lot because I’m a big Obama supporter. Come on, he’s awesome. Have you checked Tumblr?

I spent all night looking at the election coverage and I got so excited. I felt Iike I was watching an awards show and anticipating for my favorite candidate to win. It also felt like New Years Eve. We were waiting for the last possible moment to elect our new president.

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I Hate People

I missed a Thursday. Sue me.

Please don’t. I’m a college student. I don’t have much money under my name. Did I mention I have to pay a phone bill now?

Anyways, I’m here to talk to you about people. When you’re around people, most of the time, you tend to separate them in categories. But then again, I’m usually in my room blogging, tumbling, or anything related to my computer. So what do I really know?

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