Writing Prompt Wednesday #16

Sand but true
Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear — but accurate — criticism you’e ever gotten. Does it still apply?

I try my best to deal with criticism. However, since I started my major last year, I’ve faced criticism that was out of my control. I always thought I was a good writer and when I blog, I feel good afterwards because people are reading and enjoying what I have to say.

I never thought simple criticism would bring me down. When I started getting comments on my articles, I started to lose hope for myself. Should I really be doing this major? Do I even love it anymore?

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #9

I’d like to thank my cats
You are receiving an award — either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?

If I was receiving an award, I would love for it to be based on my writing. There are awards such as the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Emmy for Screenwriting or even a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism that I would be honored to win. It would show that I’m being recognized for my hard work and creativity.

People like Ernest Hemingway, who won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954 for his work in The Old Man and the Sea (Classic Literature) and Moira Walley-Beckett, who won an Emmy for a Drama Series for Breaking Bad in this year’s 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (USA Today) are just two of the many well-known creative artists.

Overall, I would love to just win any award. These awards are so sophisticated, so I wouldn’t mind winning a fun award like a Teen Choice Award or even a Blogger award. It was the first year that the Teen Choice Awards had a Digital category which included awards such as “Choice Web Star” and “Choice Viner.”

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50 Things To Do When You’re Bored

So I’ve been home most of the summer and I’m always trying to find new things to do. There are times when I just want to shut my computer off and spend my day doing something else. Here are some good ideas you can try if you’re ever bored.

1. Read. (I’m currently reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan)
2. Binge watch a show you’ve been dying to see. (Just finished watching In The Flesh. I recommend!)
3. Start a blog 😉
4. Take photos of your neighborhood.
5. Visit Governor’s Island* (You can ride their bikes for free for an hour!)
6. Clean your room. (It gives you a chance to look at things you want to throw out or have a good laugh at)
7. Join a new social media website! (Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube…etc)
8. Organize old photos. (You’ll be surprised how many baby photos I have.)
9. Try a new recipe! (I love baking. Here’s a headstart x)
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Thinking Outside The Box

Sometimes I write and wonder whether my writing is different than others. I have questions roaming through my head: Is this idea original? Will this make readers dig into a new world? 

I was always interested in learning how poets like Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes came up with such beautiful poetry or how contemporary authors like Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins created their own dystopias.

This curiosity is what stops me from writing. I’m always wondering what others are doing and tend to forget that writing can go in all sorts of directions. It may be similar to me, but it might be different for another.

In order to get to the levels of great writers, I have to think like great writers. It’s nearly impossible these days to talk to authors longer than five minutes unless they are up and coming authors. Then the classic ones, are well classics. There writing may have reached through centuries and generations.

So the question is how can us as writers think like them?

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #5

State of your year
Write up a mid-year “State of Your Year” post
I can’t believe we’re half way done with the year. Where has the time gone? Although this summer has been okay, I still got a lot done in the last six months. In just half of a year, I managed to accomplish and learn many things.
One thing I can say I accomplished this year was blogging more. Back in January, I began posting, but with school I didn’t post too much. As soon as summer hit, I began posting two times, maybe even four times a week.Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve gained readership. I’m constantly seeing people commenting and sharing my posts with others on their social media sites. This year I joined Bloglovin where I now have 43 followers who get my blog posts updated to their dashboard.

Although I have a long way to go to reach popular blogger status, I’m still grateful that people take the time to read what I have to say.

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